29 July 2011

VOTE: Which Blood Angels Special Character Are You

Hi, I've put up a vote to see which Blood Angels special characters are your favourite. I really like special characters, so please vote. Thanks

1750 pts Orks vs Salmanders: All Round Defence

Enemies coming incoming at 6 o'clock, 12 o'clock, from all sides now. We're surrounded. Make sure you keep hold the objective, it must not fall into enemy hands! Call in the reserves.
-Captain Salamander

27 July 2011

Result of Followers Vote...

I know it's a little late, but luckily the second time round there has been a great improvement in the number of votes. So here are the results:

58% are public followers - Yay! However it is a bit strange that I have 48 followers and only 7 voted for this... (?)

33% only happened to come across my blog at the time, which is interesting but makes sense because I was added to the BOLS blogroll just after this was put up.

don't know how this got here ;)
8% sometimes drop by

and noone follows it by other means (or didn't vote lol).

So an interesting (if possibly perplexing?) set of results. I am going away for some time in a little while, but should have two or three batreps scheduled to keep you interested!

26 July 2011

Fallen Princes SQUAD Painting Competition!

Everything that was going to be painted has been painted and the voting is up. So head over to John's blog (AND VOTE FOR ME ;) ). Follow the linky here, there are some great paintjobs up and I know who I'm voting for...

Look for more pics on this blog...
same here :)

24 July 2011

SQUAD entry 2 - Sternguard

I finished painting these guys one or two days ago but didn't have time to put them up until now. As always click for larger pics.

20 July 2011

Some better Priest pics + More Sternguard WIP

 I just entered this dude into the MWC contest. Here are some better pics that I took for the comp. I have also sorted out my camera so in the posts after this (apart from sternguard tutorial update), the quality should be better.

I have also been working on my sternguard as you can see although these pics are a bit old, I have them finished now, with only the belts on the weapons to do and I need to base them appropriately. I have a very nice looking base for my vendetta finished too.

18 July 2011

2 batreps 1500pts IG vs Salamanders

Imperial Guard Army list can be found here. Salamanders was landraider, 2x scouts, tactical squad in drop pod, thunderfire in drop pod, dreadnought with twin las and flamer, landraider crusader, captain and 2x termies.

17 July 2011

My new color of army.

Я изменил цвет моих эльдар и начал делать "вулкан гестан".

16 July 2011

My first Sculpt: IG Priest with eviscerator + WIPs

 First of an apology in advance for the bad camera photos... (and since ron has banned as from apologising about something else, I won't ;) )
bit taller than a lord commissar but thankfully smaller than an ogryn, thus we have a story. Someone who was rejected from the ogryn auxilia and then clubbed some people to death in order to gain permission to become a war priest... perfect.
SO we have some more battle reports in the works of being written up for you, but here's a little break from that. Over the last two days I have been sculpting a little in between battles, having been inspired by Ailaros, who has already been mentioned on this blog. :)

In the end it didn't turn out too bad, although there is a LOT of room for improvement :(, still I somehow like the chinese warrior monk (maybe punk?) look... :)

I may be making a little conscription poster with him on the front and the words "AAAARGH!!!" or even more dramatically "You're either with us or AGAINST US!!!". Also keep voting on the poll and some of you may have noticed a little bar on the bottom with each week's popular posts - it's been there a little while now, I just haven't mentioned it...

I have also been working on my vendetta (base) and my sternguard (the one from the tutorial included - I was stupid about highlighting back when I did that! ). Till the next batrep.

12 July 2011

Ultramarines vs Salamanders Vanguard 1750pts

My camera has died and the charger is not working so the next batreps after this one will be using the old camera until I find a solution to the problem...

Ilya and I played another battle today (yesterday now...), but since we were fed up of our last few games being capture and control and still wanting to keep it random we used the battle missions book. I won the first roll off and became the "Space Marine player" then I rolled for the mission and it came out as "Vanguard".

1500pt Blood Angels vs Salamanders

Ilya and I played a game. The mission was Annihilation and the deployment was Table quarters. To look at my army click here.

11 July 2011

Новый автор

Я Salamandr и Eldar. Вы меня знаете из битв против других. Вот часть моих Саламандр.Увидимся в следующей битве.

(Translation: Hi I am Salamandr and Eldar in other places. You know me from battle reports against the others. Here are some of my Salamanders. See you at the next battle!)

How to make a paratrooper for a valk/vendetta

So as promised a quick tutorial. What you need for this is a metal coat hanger (although metal piping or rod will do too), glue (I used the gw superglue), a saw/good knife and a guardsman (or if you have a valkyrie/vendetta one of the gunners is perfect).

10 July 2011

Salamanders vs Imperial Guard 10/07/11

Ilya brought along his Salamanders and I was more than happy to try out my reinforced guard against them! Mission we rolled for was Capture and Control, dawn of war deployment.

9 July 2011

1500pts Blood Angels Army List 09/07

Hi guys, Paul here, DaWarboss is in town!

This is my 1500pt Blood Angels army that I'm going to be using today and over the next week.I like to play with small, elite armies like this one, EVEN WITH ORKS.

Mephiston 250pts
Death Company Tycho 175pts

Death Company 185pts Thunder hammer, infernus pistol, power weapon, power fist
Scout squad 75pts Bolt pistols, chainswords
Death Company Dreadnought 140pts Magna grapple
Razorback 70pts Storm bolter, dozer blade

Heavy Support
Stormraven 255pts Typhoon missile launcher, plasma cannons, hurricane bolters
Devastators 150pts Heavy Bolter, missile launcher, plasma cannon, lascannon

Terminators 200pts storm bolters, power fists


Valkyrie(s) PIP

Valkyrie I

8 July 2011

Magnetised Valkyrie/Vendetta 1 + some tips and tutorials

I have been busy researching and building the first of my valkyries. Pretty much everything has been magnetised and I'm just back from spraying it. Now today I have to build the vendetta and hopefully get some paint on at least one of these.

The finished thing

5 July 2011

Imperial Guard Army List 1500pts

Edited 9/07/11 because of missed calculations
See link at the bottom... :D

So, I'm on holiday now and will leave the space hulk termies as they are for the comp. On the bright side this means that there will be some real content coming up on this blog - battle reports. I will probably play Paul this week and should have a game against Ilya this weekend. Now onto what this post is really about.

I have put together an army list, please note this is using stuff I have and mostly have built. I have actually constructed everything in this list apart from one meltagunner and the two valks. I still need to paint pretty much all of it though apart from the hellhound and three russes. (the infantry are mostly basecoated however). Note hb means heavy bolter. Also I plan to magnetise the valk and vendetta - they will probably both run as valks with hellstrike missiles in the next few games.

Lord Commissar 80pts  power sword
Primaris Psyker 70pts
Veteran Squad 130pts  plasma gun, flamer, nade launcher, power sword,  demolitions
Platoon Command Squad 115pts  2 melta guns, standard, plasma pistol, power sword and medi-pack
Infantry Squad 1 120pts   flamer, commissar power sword, heavy weapons team with ml
Infantry Squad 2 70 pts nade launcher heavy weapons team with ml
Infantry Squad 3 65pts    nade launcher, heavy weapons team with ml
Hellhound 130   hb
Valkyrie 110  hellstrike missiles, multi-laser, heavy bolters
Vendetta 130  triple lascannon
Leman Russ Executioner 230  hb and plasma cannons
Leman Russ Eradicator Nova 160  heavy bolter
Leman Russ Vanquisher 170  lascannon
Total 1500 pts
Tactics: Lord Com joins with platoon command(ride in vendetta_ or pos infantry squad. Infantry squads blob up to protect tanks/counter charge. Russes take out massed infantry with hellhound. Banquisher and flyers take out enemy armour (helped by blobbed infantry and other stuff). Vet squad rides in valkyrie taking out assorted targets. Psyker runs as a distraction/joins infantry squads in the rare that they are not blobbed up or just joins the blob.

Also I found a very good website and someone called Ailaros while surfing the interwebz, go check him out. the picture up top is credited to him!


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