28 March 2011

Revenge of the Eldar

The Eldar decided to have a rematch, Ilya made some feeble excuse about not being able to finish more new minis, so the army was exactly the same as last time. Although he did do a LOT better with his eldar this time.

The armies were the same as last time apart from the adjustment in my army of actually taking the razor-back but with heavy bolters and also a biker instead of the rhino and some other stuff I can't remember now.

 Fate made the mission annihalation again, with Dawn of War deployment. This time I am trying a kind of narrative battle report, so here goes. By the way we used Ilya's terrain (and tanks!) this time apart from the one obvious building.

Imperial Guard WIP

As you probably assumed from my previous post, I have begun more work on my cadians. Yesterday I almost completely finished painting another guardsman squad, bar the highlights. In addition to them are my beginnings on the command squad, lord commissar and primaris psyker. I also have started a squad of kasrikin, which have and shall for some time stand in for veterans and once I model some from normal guardsmen they will become my storm troopers - I don't like how traditional storm troopers look. I also played a match against Ilya's eldar today, so once I finish writing it tomorrow you can expect an update.

Also sorry about picture quality over the next week or so I've forgotten my new camera.

20 March 2011

Steel Legion camo scheme?

Guys, does anyone know what colours to use for the camo part of a Steel legion tank? You know that yellowy-tan colour? Please let me know if you know or have any ideas/suggestions.

image from dakkadakka.com

Sentinel WIP

Yes, I have finally managed to start doing something... Well, here is the sentinel so far, and I am hoping to get it finished in time for next friday.

8 March 2011

Barricades in progress

So I failed a bit with the magnetising - I'll go into the details once, I manage to get it done up properly. Otherwise I have made a bit of progress on these ork barricades. More updates soon


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