26 October 2013

2000 points doubles list + army painting update

Updated painting on lots of my marines. Close-ups following the tournament. Format will be single foc, one player counts as the allied detachment. Interesting to see how much my painting has improved over the last 5-6 years (these bikers were some of my first models). Also tried a bit of quite unsuccessful freehand on my second rhino and got it painted up.

For those interested, the list can be found here: http://hq-builder.com/shared/526586bd028dbb14c131cbb6

1850, Purge, Marines vs Orks

1850 pts marines:

Librarian ml 2
Master of the forge
6-8 (can't remember) sternguard with powerfist and 3x combi-melta
Tactical squad, plasma, combi-plasma, multi-melta, rhino
Tactical squad, plasma, combi-plasma, multi-melta, rhino
5 scouts, snipers, camo cloaks
Stormtalon with lascannon
Stormtalon with lascannon
White scars:
Chapter master, bike, shield eternal, burning blade, articifier
5 bikers 2x grav-guns


War boss, eavy armour, big choppa
5 bikers
30 boys, 3 rokkit launchers, nob power klaw
6 nobs, power claws big choppas, eavy armour, combi skorcha, trukk
10 lootas
10 lootas 
3 deffkoptas
Battlewagon, zapp gun, dethrolla
Battlewagon, zapp gun, dethrolla

Purge the alien, dawn of war. We placed terrain using the rule book method, hence why it looks so retarded. Paul had first turn, an deployed the battlewagons full of lootas and the nob truck on the skyshield. Bikes went into hiding with wax dakka behind the fort, deffkoptas central and gretchin in a small ruin on my left flank. The mob of 30 orks was left in reserve.

In response I set up my thundefire as far away from the lootas as possible with good line of sight on top of a tower (bottom left). Scouts went into a fortified ruin behind the aegis with the quad gun, bikes were central to attract attention and because I couldn't hide both them and the rhinos in the central ruin.

For psychic powers I got flame breath and invisibility. Warlord trait was -1 to enemy reserves. Can't remember what Paul got.


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