28 October 2011

Blood Angels 1750 Points List

This a 1750 pts list that I am using atm.

Dante 225pts
Mephiston 250pts

Furioso Dreadnought 175pts (magna-grapple and drop pod)Terminators 210pts (1 chainfist and heavy flamer)
Terminators 210pts (heavy flamer and 1 chainfist)

Sanguinary Guard 285pts (infernus pistol, plasma pistol, power fist, death masks and chapter banner)
Scouts 85pts (Missile launcher)

Dedicated Transports
Land Raider 250pts

Heavy Support
Vindicator 170pts (Siege shield and extra armour)
Whirlwind 100pts (hunter-killer missile)

My general tactic is to rush in and chop everything up. The dread drops into the enemy deployment to destroy their strongest vehicles and to distract their army. The sanguinary guard role varies from landing in the enemy deployment zone to kill off some enemies to landing somewhere else to capture an objective. The land raider clears out the tanks and heavy infantry along with the vindicator. The whirlwind shoots down the hordes and the scouts sit on an objective. The termies Land to kill off the enemy troops and tanks when there are no more troops choices left.

27 October 2011

SM vehicles Freehand and Naming

A bit of tank freehand painting has been done on the one's that I'm likely to use more often (note my rhino/razorback was already named Zacharia). I've decided to go for a mix of latin and english namesso here they are - some of these still need to have their painting finished though so bear with me

Meet Icefire my land raider redeemer - just some flames on the side

and a nameplate at the front

For the colours I used a mix of ultramarine blue and skull white that looks a lot like space wolves grey, highlighted with skull white and shadows with adeptus battlegrey

Plan B - I was thinking about a more original name (I've seen a massive yacht sometime ago named Plan B :/) but the name just stuck so much and I could not think of something with as good a ring to it so it stuck

Then a Latin name "Venator Vitiosus" = vicious hunter, which imo sounds quite fitting especially because of what it was doing last match - basically sniping tanks across the map

Still to come: another batrep as promised BA vs my 1750 pt Sm (already been played just need to finish the write-up)

1750 pts SM dual gated libby list vs Ilya's Eldar

Seize ground, dawn of war. I was running my 1750 pt list seen here. Not sure what Ilya was running - but his usual (is whole army) plus some tau tanks (mine) which were standing in as falcons. Note: this is the old camera - so pics aren't as good as the some of the other batreps.

Spesh Mahweens 

26 October 2011

2 tactical squads at the ready and new 2000pt list

Just dug up an old tactical squad to bulk out my two combat squads I already had and make them legal to play. So using some spare bits and existing models I managed to come up with the following setups (excuse the models as they are in various stages of painting but none are finished - all will be painted up to the standard of my other tactical squad):

Multi-melta, meltagun, combi-melta, powerfist (to ride in drop pod)

Flamer, (missile launcher which will be replaced by lascannon from my devastator squad), plasma pistol, melta bombs (to ride in lascannon razorback)
Which leaves me afterwards with the following list at 2000 pts making use of what I've learned over my 40k battles in the past with my existing models and my newly discovered gated libbying:

21 October 2011

My Killa Kan

Just a few pics of the killa kan.

Double Post: Sanguard update + SM refurbishment begins

Ok it may seem like not much has been happening but unfortunately I left my camera in england so it's back to the old one... Still I have some progress to report on the sanguinary guard and also have started refurbishing my ultramarines who you have probably seen from the batreps are painted to a rubbish standard. I am so far just doing what I am using in the army list which I put up earlier and I have now completely finished the tactical squad and the dreadnought. Funny thing is that the tac squad was my first warhammer unit that I made.

15 October 2011

1750 pts Sm list

Hey guys, just wanted to ask what you think of this list I came up with. I will probably be trying it out sometime in the near future and also just to let you know it is using models I have got - but I would still love to hear any suggestions. Oh yes and bear in mind that I play against only Blood Angels, Salamanders (standard sm), Orks and eldar.

Space Marines 1750pts:

Librarian (gate and might, melta bombs) 105pts
Libby in termy armour (gate and null zone/machine curse) and storm bolter 130 pts

Termies x5 (assault cannon, 2x chainfist) 240 pts
Sternguard x5 combi-melta and power fist 155 pts
Dreadnought, assault cannon, heavy flamer, drop pod 160 pts

Tactical squad ml and plasma gun
Combat Squad in twin las razorback
Scout squad x5 with ml

Land speeder typhoon with multi-melta 110pts
(just to use up pts) Attack bike with hb 40 pts

Land Raider Redeemer with multi-melta 260pts
Predator autocannon and las sponson 120pts

Ok so the list is based around turn 1 threats... I didnt quite manage to fit in everything I wanted and I was actually originally aiming for 1500 pts but then saw that things I wanted would have to be squeezed out. So the plan is my turn 1 to gate in libbies one with the termies and the other with sternguard and cause some immediate damage. Dreanought drop pod goes in to support them turn 1 too. The rest of my army (bar the tactical squad) should be fast/mobile enough to follow up the primary attack. Then either the game would end quickly in my favour or I would end up being slowly ground to bits... I mainly thought about playing salamanders or Ilya's eldar when making this and I do think it would work against them as Ilya's armies tend to be slow to be brought to bear and usually rely on termies coming in late game and mopping up... so if I could deal a decisive blow at the start I would then be able to use mobility to reset and ready up for his terminators and then deal with them with my whole army.


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