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26 July 2014

Funeral March - Game 1

Some more batreps that I'll slowly be putting up over the course of the next few weeks. First up an 1000 pt tournament report with same restrictions as last time (no double units except troops and some dedicated transports). Took the following Tau list:

Commander, MSSS, PEN chip, shield gen, stims, velocity tracker, iridium
Riptide, stims, ion, fusion, EWO
3 crisis suits, 2 fusion blasters, target lock, 2x 2 missile pod
6 firewarriors
6 firewarriors
10 kroot
4 Pathfinders
3 broadsides, 3x EWO

Game 1 was against a tyranids army, against which I must admit I was quite eager to play my first match:

Hive tyrant, wings, upgrades
30(?) gaunts with adrenal glands(?), and/or toxin sacs
30 termagants also similarly upgraded
2x zoanthrope
Mawloc/trygon (idk I'm bad with nids sorry)

Mission was purge, I got to deploy first and did so in such a way so as to theoretically minimise the amount of cover he get/his ability to hide is tyrant in particular so that on turn 1 I'd be able to give him a good pummelling. 

20 July 2014

Friday Little Party - Game 3

Going into game 3, I've been hearing about some ork horde and a sm bike list that I could be versing. Unfortunately that's not actually what I come up against:

Astra militarum with imperial knight ally:

CCS, master of the ordnance, lascannon, camo
Veterans, camo, lascannon
Veterans, camo, lascannon
Imperial Knight (Errant?)

Mission is emperor's will. There's no night. Opponent's warlord gets relentless on warlord traits. I get stealth and move through cover ruins after which my opponent informs me that all these buildings bar one are not actually ruins.

19 July 2014

Friday Little Party - Game 2

So after game 1, I found myself paired up against another marine player:

(Imperial Fists)
Master of the forge with conversion Beamer and servitor pal
5 stern guard, melta, 3x combi-melta, plasma, drop pod with deathwind
5 tacticals with missile launcher
5 tacticals with missile launcher
Storm talon with sky hammer missiles
Thunderfire cannon

Big guns never tire 4 objectives. Placed in cover and centrally.

Won roll off to pick sides. Picked side with more terrain to give him less places to hide and make it harder for the pod to land somewhere safe. It would also minimise the strength of his conversion Beamer. I had first turn and planned to move into the centre and occupy the space hoping that the drop pod would miss it's mark. Snap shots killed the servitor and a couple of marines. Both squads passed leadership.

18 July 2014

Friday Little Party - Game 1

1st game of 7th ed, 750 pts, foc restricted to no doubles apart from troops and dedicated transports (with several exceptions eg waveserpents).

Took my old 6th ed surprise list:

Master of the Forge
5 scouts, heavy bolter
5 marines, meltagun, melta bombs 
Land raider redeemer, multi-melta, extra armour
Land raider

I rolled on strategic traits and got outflank on my warlord. Night was on turn 1 and I won the roll off to deploy first. Objective placement was kept in my deployment zone near terrain in the open in order to be able to claim with both land raiders or troops with ease.

14 July 2014

Back from the dead (well not quite)

Very little gaming this year unfortunately, been busy with exams and such. Did manage to attend chiswick gaming club properly again as can be seen below and also performed woefully in a doubles tournament with my bro where we just took whatever we had painted. Before 6th came to an end I also managed to make a start on building some artillery that I won from IDIC's laser cut card giveaway as well as some pain tokens/objective markers.

Was going to try to attend an 1650 pt tournament in London called clash of the titans towards the end of 6th but in the end did not have time to spend two days of study leave to play 40k. I even managed to start painting/quick shading my tau contingent but sadly that is now useless as a result of the change to the allies system... Classic...

Honestly I don't think the posting is going to become any less sporadic any time soon due to a combination of 7th edition coming out and me not having a viable army as well as more exams and uni applications coming in September. 

Hopefully dark eldar will come out at about Christmas and I'll be able to get back into this hobby properly again.

8 January 2014

Dark Eldar vs Orks 1000 pts

From about 3 months ago now (early september was it??), but I'll do my best to reconstruct what happened.

Dark Eldar (something along the lines of):

Haemonculus with either a venom blade or a liquifier gun
3 trueborn, blasters, venom
3 wracks, venom
3 wracks, venom
3 wracks, venom
2 beastmasters, 5 khymerae (random terminators, kroot hounds), 2 razorwing flocks (th/ss termies)
6 reavers (testing them barebones)

Big mek with shokk attach gun (in bw with lootas)
Lots of bikers
Lootas in a battlewagon with lots of upgrades
10 gretchin

7 January 2014

Ovesa star vs blood angels 1250

Another batrep from ages ago, I persuaded Paul to try out his Blood Angels since he was bored of Daemons at this point, meanwhile I wanted to see what Ovesa-star was like and to try out farsight enclaves, especially all the special riptide stuff.

The 1250 pts lists:

Riptide with ion accellerator and bling
Crisis suit with 2 marker drones
Crisis suit with 2 marker drones
Crisis suit with 2 marker drones (yes I know now I couldn't have done this)

Buff commander, can't remember what he had but I'm pretty sure it was just about everything that I could possibly put on him.
Kroot (outflank)
3 broadsides, someone may have had EWO or target lock
(Landing pad? - not sure if it was my fortification or just on the table)

Sternguard with combi-plas in a pod
Baal pred
Assault squad with meltagun
Assault squad with flamer
5 Sniper scouts with missile launcher
5 cc scouts (outflank)


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