26 February 2012

2500 pts IG + Orks vs Salamanders

Just a quick notice that other at the 40k Noob they are holding a nice giveaway - head over if you're interested in winning a voucher for wayland games...

Ok now onto the post - this battle was really long time ago - I have no clue what really happened in it anymore so I'll just leave you to browse through the pictures...

21 February 2012

APOCALYPSE: c.4000 pts Tyranids and Orks vs Imperium

So a few weeks ago we had this apocalypse match and now is the time to put it up. We used all sorts of terrain and basically it was Paul and myself vs two of Paul's friends. I brought along 1600 pts of guard (i.e. my most recent army minus the vendetta/valk and the chimeras) and some space marines (1 used about 400 points of which for this battle) and then Paul had his 2000pt Blood Angels army

Paul and I had a plan - we wanted to go second in order to be able to blast stuff as it moved out into the open and also to have last turn objective grabbing and also to be able to mirror their deployment as we (or at least I) had not played against them before. Unfortunately because the table wasnt't quite 4' wide, our deployment plans were not so successful due to lack of space but we basically put our main fire on our right flank and some distracting mobile elements on the left.

Xenos deployment... not much else to say really


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