21 February 2012

APOCALYPSE: c.4000 pts Tyranids and Orks vs Imperium

So a few weeks ago we had this apocalypse match and now is the time to put it up. We used all sorts of terrain and basically it was Paul and myself vs two of Paul's friends. I brought along 1600 pts of guard (i.e. my most recent army minus the vendetta/valk and the chimeras) and some space marines (1 used about 400 points of which for this battle) and then Paul had his 2000pt Blood Angels army

Paul and I had a plan - we wanted to go second in order to be able to blast stuff as it moved out into the open and also to have last turn objective grabbing and also to be able to mirror their deployment as we (or at least I) had not played against them before. Unfortunately because the table wasnt't quite 4' wide, our deployment plans were not so successful due to lack of space but we basically put our main fire on our right flank and some distracting mobile elements on the left.

Xenos deployment... not much else to say really

Xenos take turn one

The masses begin to advance

Imperial guard suffer relatively heavy casaulties

Weirdboy has a squiggoth all to himself

Imperial guard return fire

Flank advances

Shot of the whole field

Nids continue their implacable advance and begin to slowly scale the fortress walls

while the squiggoth squashes some termies

Kommandos and zoanthropes appear behind the imperial lines and wreak havoc

Ultramarines stand firm in the face of a tunneling tr

Everything shoots at the squiggoth

termies are somehow still alive?

The squiggoth in an amazing display of strength kills no guardsmen at all who await reinforcements.

Orks start eating the CCS but the officer stands firm and even kills an ork or maybe two.

The battlefield at this point.

Stuff attacks the trygon


sanguinary guard with dante descend from the heavens to assault another massive creature (tervigon)

more termies deepstrike in and mephiston is on a rampage

some tactical hive minding...

the remains of the plasma veteran squad which have constantly been under fire from the biovore decide to lend a hand, while meltagunning kills the zoanthropes

massed shooting is largely ineffective

some poor death company are being eaten...

y-stealers decide to surround them too...

the sergeant's power sword is put ot good use.

only one left now...

the cc officer is somehow still alive...

yeah... objective 1 - uncontested

overrun... objectives 2 and 3 both contested

wild run to contest objective 4 and objective 5 sm held

mad fight
last objective xenos held

dante is still alive and the tervigon has one wound left


game ends 2-1 to xenos because of a completed secret mission...

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  1. That looked like a great game. Nice report and nice pictures



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