31 January 2012

750 pts orks trial run (Ilya) vs SM

Pretty much what the title says. This was actually a match where I also decided to try some things out - such as a squad of devastators with 4 missiles!

 My list was quite simple - lots of missiles and some anti-infantry firepower. An interesting thing to note is the captain with storm shield and thunder hammer.

Captain TH/SS

Tactical squad with plasma gun, plasma cannon, power fist and combi-melta
Combat squad with twin hb razorback

Land speeder typhoon with multi-melta

Devastator squad with 4x missile launcher

Ilya's army was something like:

Gazskull + small squad of nobs with assorted weapons
30 man ork squad
Deffkopta with missiles
Think that was about it.
Deployment - yes tactics matches are always played on this funky mat. Mission was seize ground with 2 (3?) objectives + pitched battle

The ork mob - can you spot the one painted by: 1) Me? 2) Ilya? 3) Paul ? ;)

I as the idiot I am as usual underestimate how far trukks can go and unleash their payload. All squads combat squadded and captain rode with the vanilla combat squad.

The devastation from another angle 
My turn and a lot of shots are unleashed on the mob - not many orks die, however gaz's squad is reduced to 1 man and gaz due to concentrated fire.

The orks retaliate with some minor damage to the land speeder

The deffkopta finally manages to do something but was wounded last turn for all its effort

Mob claims a crater

Ghazskull munches through the rest of the ulttramarines in the area only to run face first into a thunder hammer....

A view from teh top as the final scoring unit repositions out of its destroyed razorback and torrents the deffkopta, land speedeer frags the mob.

The Captain turns out to be quite the beast in close combat taking off two more wounds of the monstrosity

Orks push out a little more but cant do much but sit on two objectives and hope for the best.

I decide to try out a sneaky plan now that gaz has been finished off - I loop round with the land speeder for last minute contest moves

He blocks me with his trukk (or attempts to)

Space marines successfully run around the trukk and the captain even manages an assault while the land speeder contests on the other side
Game either ended here or maybe went on for one more turn at which point I conceded, in any case it was an interesting match up. In terms of anti-horde infantry firepower it turns out that devs with rockets just dont cut it for me... Ilya said he was expecting me to do something sneaky at the end but wasnt quite sure what.

Things to take away:

- I like thunder hammer/storm shield captains - a lot infact - they are not 'TOO' expensive and are the solution for hard to kill ic's with large hard to kill bodyguards - provided I have some plasma as well, cos with just plasma I just kill the bodyguard and then get rolled over, here this did not happen so much

- SM are not IG, every shot counts and I need more shots/more chances to kill anti-horde, I'm thinking Land raider redeemer as a must have choice after looking back at previous games

- I probably should invest in another land speeder these things are ultra-awesome

- Barebones combat squads are quite meh - will try putting in a combi-melta and power fist/ proxying a combi-plasma

- Heavy bolters are BAD, BAD, BAD imho, they have a tendency to miss with most of their shots and 1 wound on a mob is just not enough - maybe they would be better in massed numbers but I am not willing to try that.

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  1. nice little battle report, i always think lower point games are quite fun and make you think both during the battle and before when picking your list



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