15 January 2012

2012 - what's next?

Been a bit caught up lately, but there are 3 batreps on the way. Meanwhile, I'd like to share this:

You see my birthday was on the 7th so I received a little surprise (yes I have left it so long to post this...). The more up to date ones of you may even recognise what it's based on hehe... Although here it is below for those who don't.

Now onto what this post is really all about - My goals for this year:

1. More batreps, than in 2011 - shouldn't be too hard to accomplish seeing as 6th ed. is coming out and we seem to be playing more and more games.

2. Complete painting an 1750pt list of my guardsmen - shouldn't be too hard to accomplish given that I already have a reasonable amount of the work done

3. Finish at least 1 terrain project that I've started and just have lying around. (will probably work on the scratchbuilt generator - cos all I need to do is paint)

4. Make some terrain - sufficiently vague and also there may be a little something coming up this year so may just be the inspiration to do something

5. Paint at least one unit of Ultramarines to decent standard

6. Build and magnetise the poor IG sentinel I have lying around from the battleforce

7. Do the promised giveaway !!! (-hopefully- probably when I either reach 100 followers or 200 posts - whichever comes last  first)

And that's it - hopefully I'll actually be able to keep some of these ... ;)

P.S. Next up there are at least 3 batreps and with slightly better photos than the last ones - cya then.

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