16 January 2012

1750 IG vs Blood Angels: SG, Spearhead

Mission: Seize ground, deployment: table quarters - please tell me your thoughts - this was using my newly acquired iphone camera, which seems to focus a lot better than my regular (bad) one.

IG (slight variation on tourney list - which is shaping up nicely now):

CCS with 2x plasmagun, vox and medic

PCS with 3x flamer, plasma pistol, power sword and barebones guardsman
IS squad with AC + GL + vox and commissar with power sword and plasma pistol
2x IS squad with AC + GL + vox

Veterans with 3x melta, demolitions, chimera
Veterans with 3x plasma, power sword, grenadiers, chimera

Hellhound w/ heavy bolter

Leman Russ Executioner with plasma sponsons and heavy bolter
Leman Russ Vanquisher with lascannon
Leman Russ Eradicator Nova with heavy flamer

Blood Angels:


Furiosio dread with melta gun (+ storm bolter?) with drop pod

(10x) Tactical Squad with lascannon and meltagun in razorback with twin hbs (this has become a regular squad for Paul now)
(5x)Scout squad with snipers and missile launcher
(5x) Assault squad (barebones) ?!

Land speeder with heavy bolter and multi-melta

Whirlwind (-_-)

I won the roll off to go first and duly took it. Plan was to keep the platoon stationary for one turn (while shooting everything) then move forwards firing grenade launchers and massed lasguns and try to make it into the objective in the craters. Heavy weapons teams would baby sit the home objective whilst hopefully having some sort of field of fire while mobile vets and pcs would either go onto capture objectives or act as back/sweep up free ones in the late game. 

Hellhound would move up generally being a nuisance and hopefully frying some scouts - if that failed my eradicator nova could give it a shot too. CCS deployed close to the blob to give orders and the executioner stayed in reserve to avoid the overcrowding that happened last time.

Paul deployed sort of mirroring my deployment with the scouts scouting onto the objective in the tallest building. Some marines hiding on the floor below, the razorback on my left flank, while mephiston, a landspeeder and the whirlwind were on my right. Hopefully I could cause some damage with my vendetta on turn 1.

Turn 1
The gunline :D
Paul rolls a six and seizes the iniative...

silence fills the battlefield as the Imperial forces await the enemy's next move...

Which quickly appears in the form of dreadnought landing in the midst of imperial lines and promptly failing with his meltagun against the eradicator...

Having suffered very minor lossses the imperial gunline begins a bombardment causing minor casaulties to the traitorous marines.
Autocannons and grenade launchers are deployed against the enemy whirlwind but to little effect.

Turn 2

Mephiston hides, preparing to ambush the hellhound that is heading right into a deadly trap while the whirlwind unleashes its payload into the massed ranks of the blob.

Snipers who took up positions on rooftops provide covering fire while a razorback advances to capture an objective.

The Guardsmen do not panic and start to advance

Veterans with special weapons aided by missile launcher platforms make short work of the dreadnought. CCS moves with blob ordering all the while.

The hellhound steamrolls forward, eager to fry some scouts next turn
Turn 3
Angels descend from the skies, but their infernus pistols only manage to cause minor damage on the eradicator which has been almost invincible the entire game

Blob is reduced in numbers yet again, while mephiston leaps his way to the other side of the hellhound. Also to note are the assault marines who landed not far from the heavy weapons and let loose a few bolt pistol rounds into the heavy weapons teams who suffered a casaulty.
The reserve plasma veterans move out from hiding and together with the melta vets destroy the sanguard and put a wound or two on dante. meanwhile the heavy weapons cause minor damage to the drop pod while the pcs deploy their flamers against the assault marines with the officers plasma pistol taking the final man's life.

Yeah... they got pwned...

Not much to see here...
At this point Paul gave up because in his eyes he had no chance of winning anymore - although I'd disagree cos Mephiston still had all his wounds and dante wasnt dead, but still a good game.

Things I learnt:

- Use the PCS against easier units - assault marines were perfect, so maybe termies were just too tough a target
- Melta/plasma vets in chims are great because their mobility means they can be hidden away and respond to sudden threats.
- I need to find a better role for the vendetta - I'm either hanging back too much, using it too aggressively or ending up on the wrong side of the field away from all the action.
- 2 Russes on the field at a time is good/enough, especially in the early stages, I need to learn how to choose which ones to start though.
- I should not throwaway the hellhound so easily, especially since both Ilya and Paul are so scared of it... (insert evil grinning face of choice here)

Anyways, I'm starting to really like this list and I definitely think I am learning. Next up a fun 2500pt battle, then a SM 750 pt match and finally maybe even some apoc fun. See ya next time and hope you enjoyed.


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  2. Good battle report as usual, those pictures are much better. The IG are looking great mate



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