20 July 2014

Friday Little Party - Game 3

Going into game 3, I've been hearing about some ork horde and a sm bike list that I could be versing. Unfortunately that's not actually what I come up against:

Astra militarum with imperial knight ally:

CCS, master of the ordnance, lascannon, camo
Veterans, camo, lascannon
Veterans, camo, lascannon
Imperial Knight (Errant?)

Mission is emperor's will. There's no night. Opponent's warlord gets relentless on warlord traits. I get stealth and move through cover ruins after which my opponent informs me that all these buildings bar one are not actually ruins.

I think I had first turn and make the mistake of trying to bring to bear all my firepower on the knight. It proves ineffective. I should've started sniping out the command squad and forcing morale checks as well as advancing the tanks down both flanks.

He comes towards me and with massed shooting takes off 3 hps off the bottom land raider. IWND doesn't work and I again get scared into shooting the knight and fail. Redeemer starts moving forwards with the aim of killing his wavers hopefully before my lr dies.

Land raider dies and scouts get bombed by Wyvern.

In return I kill off most of the command squad and disembark with my men. Make a mistake as I don't split off my master of the forge and fail my multi- assault on the Wyvern and veterans as everyone makes combat with veterans. I sweep them all. Also kill a couple of veterans from the other squad with the redeemer but they pass morale.

Everything shoots my squad with knight starting by splitting fire with stubbers shooting at my lr and the pie plate killing all my men bar the master of the forge having inflicted mine hits. Master then gets sniped by the lone surviving lascannon. Knight charges my lr and does only 4 hps damage but that's enough. Wipeout and 20-0 loss.

I think I could've either started more aggressively or played for a draw to get points either way. 

Ended the tournament 5th out of 12 regardless and got a lot of good practice against some good armies as well as experience playing 7th edition.

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