20 July 2012

Assault Terminators WIP

Another bit of post spreading and today I have the terminators in progress for you. I may later be doing a tutorial on how I did them once they're all finished up. The blue armour was a bit of an experiment for me because I don't usual go this far, doing a second set of even more selective highlights but I think it paid off. Also included are some of the stages in getting to the point where I am now.

18 July 2012

Contemptor dreadnought wip

Note: I have internet so it won't all be post spreading as I said before.

Another short post: as part of my ebay findings some time ago I got a contemptor. He's going to be magnetised so he can be armed with (the now worthless) 2x twin-linked autocannons or lascannon-powerfist combo. I might even be tempted to convert a plasmagun coming out of his fist following the imperial armour rules. Although maybe I should just get some different arms and use it as a mortis pattern dreadnought or whatever has the skyfire rule... hmm...

16 July 2012

Terrain: Fence done and Gameboard WIP

Thanks to Aurelius legion for inspiring me to actually make and paint this piece of terrain which had been lying around somewhere in the cupboard for a few years now. As you may I know I dusted off this kit from my independent stockist which consisted of a base, mesh and the plastic pole things, assembled it and spiced it up a little.

Now it is (well they are, there are two) painted and ready for use.

My Gameboard (pic after the jump)is has also progressed very far with 4 board sections basically finished (I just need to paint the skulls, granted there are loads of them) and 2 primed and ready to get painted and flocked when I get back.

14 July 2012

Updated SM digital codex review

Just a quick post here to say that I downloaded the new version of the SM codex, and all the mistakes have been ironed out. Also for those that don't know, all the new 6th ed rules are in there and hull points have been integrated into the statlines. Finally I'm begin to see where my 25 quid has gone and if they do keep updating it as rule changes are made I'll be very happy.

Pics of the new entries which used to have mistakes and examples of new profiling system (for old review click here):

9 July 2012

IG painting progress

I know it's been rather quiet around here but I have been busy. Was going to go to a "goodbye-to-5th"  doubles tournament with Paul but it got cancelled last minute... However because of this incentive I finished one of the veteran squads, built one and finished building another chimera and painted both.
Also I got bases for the space hulk termies and built some terrain. The terrain was just some old stuff that I got from my independent stockist a long long time ago but I spiced it up a little. Oh and Paul tried to strip some models, he might let you know how that went later - not well I gather.


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