21 June 2010

Terrain:Ork Boyz hut-Part2

I added some finishing touches, such as the windows made from spare sprue parts and an extra wall using a spare reinforced ram. I then used some green to make sure it was firmly in place and to make the gaps less obvious.

As a basecoat, I completely covered the building with merchrite red, and then washed it with devlan mud. After this had dried, I confidently based it with modelling sand, as I was sure the colour would not be spoiled. Next, I added in the silver window panes, Waaagh signs, and drybrushed pretty much the whole thing with boltgun metal.

16 June 2010

Painting Tau

With the end of the colourscheme poll coming up I decided to start painting my tau, pictures will follow but here is a photo of my battlesuit commander so far as a taster. And coming up soon will be a guest article about a diorama.

11 June 2010

Going Away

Sorry about not posting for the last few days, I unfortunately was preoccuppied. Now I am forced to have an extended break from the hobby due to a trip so may the dice gods be with you

4 June 2010

Terrain:Ork Boyz hut-Part1

Deciding that Paul's Ork army needed some terrain, and because we wanted something orky, we decided to scratch build a boys hut. This is what we used:
1. Some foamboard (bought from rymans)
2. Some PVA glue
3. Some water
4. Some old newspaper
5. Tape (Scotch will do)

I started off by marking out wall and floor dimensions on the foamboard, and then cut it out (not very neatly-BUT to my surprise this did not show when I finished the paper mache)

Next I completed the painful process of gluing the construction together. This left something that looked like a piece of junk!

The next stage was to create a special paper mache. I found this technique on ColCorbane's Corbania Prime. It is a one part PVA glue and two part water mix, that formed a milky kind of solution. This would make the paint set better as I had used Scotch to stick the huts parts together and also to fill any gaps.

For reference: Dimensions: 6" long, 5" wide and 3" tall.

Stay tuned for part 2: painting (follow link)

1 June 2010

Storm Wardens:Collaborative army build charity and drawing

Ftw is running an event where you could win a huge, amazingly painted storm wardens army for the new warhammer expansion coming out this summer. Please take a look at the following link if you would like a sneak peak, more info or to buy your raffle tickets. http://fromthewarp.blogspot.com/2010/06/storm-wardens-space-marine-force-for.html


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