28 December 2011

IG vs Salamanders - 1750pt list trial run


++ Acting officer Sgt. Naxos, in place of Lt. Proctus field report ++

Mission: Annihalation, Deployment: Dawn of War

Imperial guard force (slightly changed from my tourney force...):

Company Command Squad with 2x plasmagun, plasma pistol, power sword, vox and medipack

Veterans 3x melta gun, demolitions, chimera
Veterans 3x plasma gun and power sword, grenadiers, chimera

PCS with 3x flamer, officer with plasma pistol, power weapon and meltabombs, + 1 normal guardsman (ride in vendetta)
IS with autocannon, nade launcher vox and commissar with power sword and plasma pistol
IS with autocannon, nade launcher vox
IS with autocannon, nade launcher vox
Heavy weapon squad with missile launchers


Leman Russ Vanquisher with lascannon
Leman Russ Executioner with plasma sponsons 
Leman Russ Eradicator

Salamanders (with BA + ultra reinforcements ;)) :

Captain with power sword and storm bolter
Honour guard (3) with power weapons, and boltguns and a champion thrown in I think

Terminators (5) with assault cannon
Terminators (5) with assault cannon
Dreadnought with twin las and heavy flamer

Tactical Squad with missile launcher, meltagun and power fist in drop pod
Tactical Squad with missile launcher, meltagun in drop pod
Scout squad (8) 4 with snipers, 3 with boltguns and 1 with missile launcher

Land speeder with multimelta and typhoon missile
Land speeder with heavy bolter and typhoon missile
Land speeder with multi-melta and heavy bolter

We originally rolled for capture and control, spearhead but then decided to roll again cos we couldn't come to an agreement about another mission... Plan? He had rolled for turn 1 and to pick his side, and having deployed his scouts as far forward as possible (after some belated repositioning) and his command squad with captain in the corner, so I was left with 2 choices.

Choice 1: Refuse flank - probably in the bigger bunker on my half with my platoon starting in there... the problems with this were that he had deployed so far forward that I wouldn't have enough space to deploy my whole blob... and also most of his army was deepstriking so it would be kind of useless...

So I went with choice 2, deploying centrally with lots of avenues of fire, out in the open and with some space for tanks to rumble on behind, with CCS nearby and HWS in the smaller bunker. Vendetta with pcs inside outflanked and the rest would come in turn 1.

23 December 2011

Interchangeable hws painted

Quick update - made progress on chimera, magnetised the dozer blade that goes on the bottom, in stupidity forgot to magnetise the hull mounted guns, but they seem to fit in well even without glue... Sort of stuck on the main gun cos i only have magnets that are way too small or way too big... (6mm diameter and 1mm diameter).

Onto these guys, photos arent great but these were the best I could get with said camera. Should have battle reports next week. Rest of the army is soon to hit the production line - these were the testing if you like...

21 December 2011

IG army list 1750 + whole army update

Latest edit in green 21/12/11 (WARNING LOTS OF PICS):


Company Command Squad 50

Veterans 3x melta gun, demolitions, chimera 185
Veterans 3x plasma gun and power sword, grenadiers, chimera 210

Infantry Platoon:

Platoon Command Squad 30
Infantry Squad with meltagun, missile launcher and commissar with power sword 120
Infantry Squad with meltagun, missile launcher 75
Infantry Squad with meltagun, missile launcher 75
Heavy weapons team with lascannons 105

Valkyrie 100
Vendetta 130
Hellhound 120

Leman Russ Vanquisher with lascannon 170
Leman Russ Executioner with plasma sponsons 230
Leman Russ Eradicator 160 (wanted to fit in hydraflaks possibly but wont have points as it is - this tank can go in a squad with the executioner and take hits for it)


Company Command Squad with 2x plasmagun, plasma pistol, power sword, vox and medipack

Veterans 3x melta gun, demolitions, chimera
Veterans 3x plasma gun and power sword, grenadiers, chimera

PCS with 4x flamer (ride in vendetta)
IS with autocannon, nade launcher (vox) and commissar with power sword and plasma pistol
IS with autocannon, nade launcher (vox)
IS with autocannon, nade launcher (vox) can be replaced with a normal guardsman
Heavy weapon squad with missile launchers


Leman Russ Vanquisher with lascannon
Leman Russ Executioner with plasma sponsons 
Leman Russ Eradicator

Unfortunately this would bring me 5 pts over - but I have already made the guys with vox casters - not sure whether I should rip them off - but then I dont know what to spend 15 pts on. SO now I will just take away one of the voxes. and be bang on 1750.

Been working hard at the guardsmen - some gs sculpting for gas masks to make normal dudes look like the kasrkin + some messing around with an existing kasrkin to give him plasma... Also magnetised both arms on company officer and sergeant of the meltavets, also one arm magnetised on a sergeant in the platoon. For those of you who don't know, the bases are going to be like the one's on the valks.

20 December 2011

Ultramarines: Movie REVIEW

So I picked it up, not because everyone else had great comments about it and I was expecting something amazing - but because I wanted to see what they could come up with.

I'll start with the story. It was not bad, if a little dull. I disagree that the Space Marines say "And they shall know no fear" TOO many times, but it was borderline on that. The graphics were basically crap - something you'd see on Cod 6/7 , rather than a movie. Too many ash-waste colours throughout as well and definitely too much time walking through desert.

The parts with action were generally unimaginative, mostly with chaos space marines charging at the ultramarines who stood and shot them... Towards the end, the daemon was animated in a very strange way imo, but I guess my idea of daemons and how they move is different to the guys who made the movie. However I completely disagree in making the daemon prince connected to Balrog, with the pillars, falling from height while locked in combat with the captain, etc...

19 December 2011

Ig Veterans + Interchangeable heavy weapons

I'M ALIVE!!! Been very busy lately, was even planning to go to a tourny but that won't work out anymore. Anyway, should be a lot of stuff happening here over the next few weeks. To start off I've converted up some veterans and made some interchangeable heavy weapons. Old camera so pics unfortunately are awful... I'll get better ones after this stuff is painted.

17 November 2011

1500 pts Salamanders vs Blood Angels

Kill points, dawn of war... I helped Ilya make an army list for this and both he and Paul borrowed a few things from my Ultras in order to create their armies.

Salamanders, this was a new take on trying to tackle Paul's Blood Angels:

Captain power sword, storm bolter

Dreadnought missile launcher, twin lascannon
Dreadnought (assault cannon, storm bolter i think) in drop pod
5x Terminators with cyclone missile launcher

5 man Scout squad 4x sniper 1 ml in twin las razorback
10 man tactical squad with multi-melta, meltagun (and maybe powerfist was in this one rather than one below) in rhino with dozer blade
10 man tactical squad with plasma gun, plasma cannon (i think) and powerfist (see above) in drop pod

Land speeder with heavy bolter and typhoon missiles
Land speeder with multi-melta and typhoon missiles

Blood Angels - pretty standard Paul list:


Furiosio dread in drop pod

Scouts with 4x sniper, 1x ml
10man Tactical Squad (!!!) with lascannon and meltagun and hb razorback

Land speeder with multi-melta


So two armies which are both slightly different to what each player is used to playing and playing against, should be interesting...

Deployment - Paul deployed first... upon my suggestion Ilya semi-castled slightly to one flank, aim was to make the scouts sit uselessly on one side of the field and then get a dread to mop them up in the late game...

note the "camouflaged" combat squadded tacticals in the bastion

3 November 2011

New Necrons Thoughts

The interesting thing about this release is that it will probably be the last one before 6th edition, so the codex and how necrons play will probably give some clues about what the game will be like in the future.

First of all though I want to talk about the models. They do look quite cool when not purposefully painted up in tomb-king like colours (blue and brown kind of scheme) - they just look too comical. One more thing to note is that everything has a quite a good background - necrons are no longer so mysterious, we know about their different divisions and we also know more about some of their units. This imo is good.

Image from gw used without permission
Next thing... I'm one of those people who still has an ongoing wd subscription, and ignoring the fact that the batrep in the latest one was a the brand new necron codex vs two relatively old codexes, we see that necrons are an army that has incredibly strong shooting and while is some things are hard to kill in assault (some hq choice i cant remember the name of) or stand up again if you dont wipe them out - assaulting still seems the way to go as tactical squads draw combats against necron lords and dire avengers charge at necrons - seriously DIRE AVENGERS (which may ofc conversely be seen as reckless play but hey)!

What this may mean is that necrons are the height, or nearly at the height as tau are about to be released, of 40k shooty armies and that further on we might be able to expect the game to become a little more cc orientated - just by looking at how best to deal with the crons.

Next point, the wd batrep has an interesting scenario - rumours of fixed game turns have been circulating for a while this just confirms that random game length will most probably be taken away. Objectives still are there - but not random numbers of them as well. Combine fixed no. of objs and necron hqs which count as scoring and you get the idea that there may be more "special" stuff that can claim objectives in the later 6th ed codexes.

Disclaimer!!!! These are all just my ideas having seen some of the rumours on the internet and my interpretation of the scenario in the white dwarf - I am by no means saying that my view is correct, just pointing out some interesting things and saying how they may correspond to future rules.

2 November 2011

1750pts SM gated libby list vs BA

Seize ground, table quarters - 3 objectives.

My SM list can be seen here. with the exception of replacing the attack bike with some bling which i cant recall now.

Paul's list was here.

The battfield - Paul setup for once - usually I do it cuz I don't trust the other two to make a balanced/realistic/not crazy table - this time I asked him to keep it moderate (what I mean is like Ilya who will put a bunker in the very corner on each side, barricade each one off with terrain and leave everything else open -facepalm- )
We put down the objectives and the strategic thinking with this is tied in with the next thing. I won the roll of and decided to go first. I could do two things put the objectives on the side with most dense terrain and force him to deploy there - meaning I could drive onto his objectives while he would have trouble deepstriking his reserves - a risky tactic. Or I could also put the objectives in the same place and castle up. I went for the safer option... Deciding to make use of the scouts' outflank rule for once.

Castling up - land raider to clear out stuff that deepstrikes too close and defend/hold the tac squad later in game. Predator to head for a hill and shoot over the battlefield. Everything else is pretty much obvious.

Paul's deployment is as sparse as usual - note the baal counts as a vindicator

28 October 2011

Blood Angels 1750 Points List

This a 1750 pts list that I am using atm.

Dante 225pts
Mephiston 250pts

Furioso Dreadnought 175pts (magna-grapple and drop pod)Terminators 210pts (1 chainfist and heavy flamer)
Terminators 210pts (heavy flamer and 1 chainfist)

Sanguinary Guard 285pts (infernus pistol, plasma pistol, power fist, death masks and chapter banner)
Scouts 85pts (Missile launcher)

Dedicated Transports
Land Raider 250pts

Heavy Support
Vindicator 170pts (Siege shield and extra armour)
Whirlwind 100pts (hunter-killer missile)

My general tactic is to rush in and chop everything up. The dread drops into the enemy deployment to destroy their strongest vehicles and to distract their army. The sanguinary guard role varies from landing in the enemy deployment zone to kill off some enemies to landing somewhere else to capture an objective. The land raider clears out the tanks and heavy infantry along with the vindicator. The whirlwind shoots down the hordes and the scouts sit on an objective. The termies Land to kill off the enemy troops and tanks when there are no more troops choices left.

27 October 2011

SM vehicles Freehand and Naming

A bit of tank freehand painting has been done on the one's that I'm likely to use more often (note my rhino/razorback was already named Zacharia). I've decided to go for a mix of latin and english namesso here they are - some of these still need to have their painting finished though so bear with me

Meet Icefire my land raider redeemer - just some flames on the side

and a nameplate at the front

For the colours I used a mix of ultramarine blue and skull white that looks a lot like space wolves grey, highlighted with skull white and shadows with adeptus battlegrey

Plan B - I was thinking about a more original name (I've seen a massive yacht sometime ago named Plan B :/) but the name just stuck so much and I could not think of something with as good a ring to it so it stuck

Then a Latin name "Venator Vitiosus" = vicious hunter, which imo sounds quite fitting especially because of what it was doing last match - basically sniping tanks across the map

Still to come: another batrep as promised BA vs my 1750 pt Sm (already been played just need to finish the write-up)

1750 pts SM dual gated libby list vs Ilya's Eldar

Seize ground, dawn of war. I was running my 1750 pt list seen here. Not sure what Ilya was running - but his usual (is whole army) plus some tau tanks (mine) which were standing in as falcons. Note: this is the old camera - so pics aren't as good as the some of the other batreps.

Spesh Mahweens 

26 October 2011

2 tactical squads at the ready and new 2000pt list

Just dug up an old tactical squad to bulk out my two combat squads I already had and make them legal to play. So using some spare bits and existing models I managed to come up with the following setups (excuse the models as they are in various stages of painting but none are finished - all will be painted up to the standard of my other tactical squad):

Multi-melta, meltagun, combi-melta, powerfist (to ride in drop pod)

Flamer, (missile launcher which will be replaced by lascannon from my devastator squad), plasma pistol, melta bombs (to ride in lascannon razorback)
Which leaves me afterwards with the following list at 2000 pts making use of what I've learned over my 40k battles in the past with my existing models and my newly discovered gated libbying:

21 October 2011

My Killa Kan

Just a few pics of the killa kan.

Double Post: Sanguard update + SM refurbishment begins

Ok it may seem like not much has been happening but unfortunately I left my camera in england so it's back to the old one... Still I have some progress to report on the sanguinary guard and also have started refurbishing my ultramarines who you have probably seen from the batreps are painted to a rubbish standard. I am so far just doing what I am using in the army list which I put up earlier and I have now completely finished the tactical squad and the dreadnought. Funny thing is that the tac squad was my first warhammer unit that I made.

15 October 2011

1750 pts Sm list

Hey guys, just wanted to ask what you think of this list I came up with. I will probably be trying it out sometime in the near future and also just to let you know it is using models I have got - but I would still love to hear any suggestions. Oh yes and bear in mind that I play against only Blood Angels, Salamanders (standard sm), Orks and eldar.

Space Marines 1750pts:

Librarian (gate and might, melta bombs) 105pts
Libby in termy armour (gate and null zone/machine curse) and storm bolter 130 pts

Termies x5 (assault cannon, 2x chainfist) 240 pts
Sternguard x5 combi-melta and power fist 155 pts
Dreadnought, assault cannon, heavy flamer, drop pod 160 pts

Tactical squad ml and plasma gun
Combat Squad in twin las razorback
Scout squad x5 with ml

Land speeder typhoon with multi-melta 110pts
(just to use up pts) Attack bike with hb 40 pts

Land Raider Redeemer with multi-melta 260pts
Predator autocannon and las sponson 120pts

Ok so the list is based around turn 1 threats... I didnt quite manage to fit in everything I wanted and I was actually originally aiming for 1500 pts but then saw that things I wanted would have to be squeezed out. So the plan is my turn 1 to gate in libbies one with the termies and the other with sternguard and cause some immediate damage. Dreanought drop pod goes in to support them turn 1 too. The rest of my army (bar the tactical squad) should be fast/mobile enough to follow up the primary attack. Then either the game would end quickly in my favour or I would end up being slowly ground to bits... I mainly thought about playing salamanders or Ilya's eldar when making this and I do think it would work against them as Ilya's armies tend to be slow to be brought to bear and usually rely on termies coming in late game and mopping up... so if I could deal a decisive blow at the start I would then be able to use mobility to reset and ready up for his terminators and then deal with them with my whole army.

24 September 2011

Friendly batrep IG vs BA on RoBB

Ok, ok I know COTBT will kill me/hate me for the rest of my life for this but I just gave in. Yes I bought a realm of battle gameboard. I just cannot be bothered to spend a long time creating something that I won't find to be a satisfying standard when I can get something like this. In any case it beats playing floorwars on a matt. (we'll be able to play on a table in the future - even though this one is still a floor war)

This game was actually Artemy against Paul with Artemy rocking his count as guard which are actually pretty good imo, except that there are no bases which was an argument which kind of caused this game to end. Btw I've gotta get one of those APC's that looks like the secret weapon vehicle thing - they cost about 1/3 or 1/4 of the price of a chimera, i dont know how long/wide a chim is and I also cant remember the dimesions of the APCs (I did measure them btw) cos they look like a really good substitute.

Anyway enough chit chat, I'll say our basic plan and then let the pics more or less tell the story (btw the sanguinary guard really do stand out on the battlefield :D).

Capture and control table quarters, 1500pts (maybe less)



Pretty much standard list I think... see picture... basically sanguard, dante, stormraven, dc dread, whirlwind, land speeder, cc termies and a devastator squad with assorted weapons.

IG: (near pic for explanation)

Plan was to go castle up first few turns then tentatively strike out with armoured elements and get objectives. Also mid-game we decided to use the 'juicy bait' tactic - casually stolen from the space wolves blog (go check them out they are awesome), using a squad in a chim to entice the sanguard into what would have been a deadly trap had the game not ended due to the afore-mentioned argument... anyway enough spoilers...

21 September 2011

Sanguard wip 2

Sorry I have been very busy lately but I do have a couple of posts to put up included a kind of batrep with a little surprise, an army list and Ilya may have something for you too. I shall be spreading the stuff I have to post over the next month or so until I can get back to the hobby properly in about october which is when these dudes and the surprise will get some work done on them.

For now here is a picture of the sanguard so far in the display case. The middle one is almost finished - just the eyes and scrolls needed to be done - those wings take an awfully long time especially since they were already stuck on before I started painting. For those interested in how I did the wings it was black base, codex grey leaving a little black, fortress grey leaving a little codex (or trying to) and then highlight skull white with a really cool tiny brush I got.

As always click for a better view.

See you next time :)

11 September 2011

мой сокол

Я покрасил сокол в серый цвет что бы он отличался от всей армии.

21 August 2011

Sanguard Wip

It's been quiet around here recently... I don't know about the others but I've been busy working on Paul's Sanguinary guard using Jawaballs' NMM style - although I didn't have all the colours so I had to experiment... I found quite a nice mixture in my experimenting which is a mix of vomit brown and khemri brown - it makes quite a nice colour similar to snakebite leather and if you vary the mix of the two you can change the shade/dark - brightness of the colour.

Btw this is my first time attempting nmm :)

So just a quick one but here's what I have so far - I only need to wash them with leviathan purple and then I can go onto the details - tell me what you think so far.

18 August 2011

VOTE Results: Which Blood Angels special character are you?

Thanks for voting guys, much better than what usually happens... I wonder why...

8 of you voted for Mephiston. I really like Mephiston my self because he's very good in close combat and can get to the enemy quickly using "the wings of Sanguinius" and fleet.

6 of you voted for Dante. I really like putting Dante with a squad of Sanguinary Guard as they will land wherever you want the without scattering away, and are good in close combat and can shoot down the enemy tanks.

6 of you voted for Tycho. I usually take him with a squad of pistol and combat sword scout. The make a good assault unit especially if they have a razorback to take them (Blood Angels rhinos and razorbacks can turbo-boost).

6 of you voted for Gabriel Seth. I've never actually used him but he looks good as he has a strength 8 chainsword, whirlwind of gore attack and ferocious instincts.

4 of you like Lemartes. I've never see and don't know if he's good or not.

3 of you liked Corbulo. I like him because he has a 2+ feel no pain, he gives feel no pain to all guys within 6" and gives 1 re-roll per game.

2 of you liked the Sanguinor. I've never played with him but he's nearly impossible to kill (2+, 3+ invuln). He's also immense in close combat but he costs 285 points and Ghazghull (225 points) can just go in and kill the sanginor during Ghazghull's Waaagh (2+ invuln, strength 10, 6 attacks when he charges but he strikes at initiative one but should still inflict 2 or more wounds to the Sanguinor while losing only 0-1 wounds).

2 of you liked Death Company Tycho. I think he's quite good in close combat so I usually move him next to my Death Company and they assault something together nearly always killing the squad they assault.

None of you liked Astorath the Griim. I haven't played with him but I really think he costs to many points because he isn't actually that good unless you want a Death Company only list. If you know you're going to play against Blood Angels with Blood Angels don't take him because he will make your enemy's troops succumb to the red thirst on a 1-3 instead of 1.

17 August 2011

Ultramarines vs Blood Angels 1500pts capture and control US

You can find my army list here. Mission was capture and control with dawn of war deployment. Plan was to move in with the scout move and set up in the ruins early and then possibly be able to capture the enemy objective/ in a worst case scenario contest while the tacs in rhino sat on the obj having popped smoke. Termies would deepstrike as per list plan, everything else would walk on turn 1, combat squad and dread left flank, vindicator, devastators and bikers right flank. So pretty much an even spread. Sternguard would come in depending on Paul's troop movement.

My list is here.

LA Battle bunker displays and gameboards

This will just be a series of pictures so enjoy... as always click for larger pics


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