16 August 2011

Ultramarine US list

I'll start my return by giving you my marines that I took with me. I was expecting a lot of people to be there so I took a mixed army keeping it as balanced as possible, the only worry I had was if I had enough anti-infantry to take on a horde army, as it happened the place was practically empty and I ended up facing Paul as usual. We actually met a friend there but he doesn't know all the rules completely yet and since he collects imperial fists we decided to join him to my "team" hehe. I actually find it more fun playing with someone on your side cos then you get to discuss *EVIL PLANS* and such...

Anyway onto the list:


Barebones librarian (force sword, bolt pistol, avenger and gate of infinity)  *I had never used the last one before and I decided to give it a go

Terminators with assault cannon
Sternguard - power fist, combi-melta (as found in the box lol)
Dreadnought: assault cannon, heavy flamer

Tactical squad with meltagun, missile launcher in rhino
Combat squad - plasma pistol and plasma gun
Scout squad with ml

Bikes : meltagun, plasma gun and power sword, joined by attack bike with multi-melta(actually this may have been a heavy bolter)

Devastators - lascannon, ml, hb, plasma cannon

So taking note that I couldn't take a lot of stuff due to transportation difficulty/bulkiness, I thought this was a decent list. Rhino tacies to move onto objective, scouts move to forward positions possibly capturing objs, combat squad is just a backup. The only thing that I didn't like was that I was taking devastators. In my opinion in a sm army they form too much of a threat and that you should spread out/at least have some heavy weapons throughout your army and not only in your heavy support devastator unit, especially if you only take one of them.

Termies land as necessary, bikes disrupt but are also a good utility unit, vindi pwns anything and everything, dreadnought is backup as necessary and sternguard go with libby gating around town and I wanted to try them not in a transport.

See you next time!


  1. If you are planning to deep strike your termies, you should really try to include a homer or beacon somewhere. Otherwise be ready to deploy them as normal if terrain/opponent dictates.

    You can't give the combat squad a plasmagun, Tac squads need to be 10 men to get special/heavy weapons (there's the points for your beacon/homer!)

    Gating libby w sternguard can be deadly. If possible I would take a MM or basically any longer range weapon on the dread other than asscannon. If you can't make that change, I would use your dread mainly to protect (cover save) your vindi as it will always be target #1 and if you aren't careful it won't last beyond turn 1.

  2. First off thanks for the advice. As I said it was pretty much a friendly list of stuff that I could easily travel with and pack without fear of damage and stuff.

    Thanks for the pointer on the plasmagun - I forgot about that. Termies I find are ok without the homer, I usually end up sending them deep into enemy territory, eliminating the use of homers.

    Unfortunately the dreadnought is how it was built ages ago so no change there, I'm just making use of what I have.

    About the vindi, the thing is that when I play it I usually have a few more pressing tanks/things to kill around such as a land raider see here:


    But yes in a list like this I should have used it that way - you see I've already played the game I was going to play with it, br tomoz. :)

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