5 August 2011

1750pts BA vs mixed IG Annihilation Spearhead (close game)

Mission annihilation, deployment spearhead (table quarters ? meh)

Not quite sure if this list is right but here it is as far as I can remember:

Blood Angels:

Furosio Dreadnought
Sniper Scouts with ml
Scouts with bolt pistols and chainswords, razorback with hb
Sanguinary Guard with plasma pistol, infernus pistol and power fist
Stormraven Gunship with plasma cannon and typhoon missile launcher

As for me I was using a slight variation of my standard guard, without details here goes(may have missed smthg:

Primaris Psyker
Ministrorum priest with eviscerator
Big blob of guardsmen with 3 missile launchers, nade launcher and a flamer I think. Also attached to them was a commissar with power sword and plasma pistol
Platoon command squad, 2x melta, 1x plasma pistol, standard bearer, medic
Veteran squad with nade launcher flamer and plasma gun and grenadiers I think
Valkyrie with hellfire missiles, multilaser and possibly hbs
3 separate leman russ:
1x vanquisher with lascannon
1x Executioner with hb and plasma sponsons
1x Eradicator nova with hb
I knew he would be deep striking at me so I tried to castle up.
He advances and gets cover. Then opens fire on my blob as he know he needs to start whittling it down.

I open up and start pelting stuff at his guys doing minor damage to the razorback through bad dice rolls and kill off  either all but one or 2 scouts.
As expected I find some deepstrikers in my midst and around turn 3 and start trying to deal with them. At this point most of my tanks have suffered some form of damage note the hellhound which is already in a great position. If he gets out of the razorback I kill his scouts there if not I finish off his other squad.

Inneffective shooting shot again.

I fail in combat and my guys either die(command squad) with the  ogryns running away I think.
Same pic as before ???

Shooting the razorback.

Oh yes and this is the assault I was talking about. My pcs either did very little in shooting meltas or nothing at all.

tied up combat.

Some ramming action while a stormraven makes a landing.

Quite a busy battlefield... The sanguinary guard went onto (or maybe did this before) immobilising the executioner, Paul has learnt from experience that the tank is deadly

Storm raven kills the vendetta... :(

End of combat with sanguinary guard with me having noone left.

Executioner, immobilised but able to shoot this turn (or maybe it was the vanquisher?) downs the stormraven (more likely the vanquisher) and then the executioner takes a wound on mephy and takes out a dreadnought cc arm  (next pic)

Mephiston being the beast he is flies into the building slaughtering some poor guardsmen while my priest gives him a wound or two for his trouble with some help from the commissar.

Valkyrie comes in and vets come out ===>>>> big mistake on my part. They shoot the dread but miss/fail

Note hellhound top left has taken out both scout squads leaving corbulo as the only one alive.

View of the field.

Sanguinary guard join in on the fun but get a little hurt for their efforts. Nevetheless the blob has almost been destroyed.

That's the mistake I was talking about!!! The dread assaults them and kills some but they can't do anything back!!! AARGH!!! I gave them grenadiers instead of demolitions this game because I was tired of them dying and the bombs/demolition were wasted, now I may have to switch again!

Dead blob... and dead corbulo... note my snipers are still alive but useless as usual. Game ended turn 5 I think.
 Game ended 7-5 to BA... I feel that I have a good list that's not too cheesy but this game I don't feel that I can blame it fully on dice - even though Paul did say that I had a LOT of very unlucky moments. Like the vanquisher which missed all but one shot during the whole game. I like this list and I am not really sure what I could have done more to win this one... :S Leaves me perplexxed... Paul also said one important thing that the blob helped him take on my army as he could just assault the main element. Hmm... that did not happen in the game against artemy though... which will be posted later. Still 7-5 is pretty close and I probably could have mopped up a little with all my tanks left vs all his footsloggers.

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