18 August 2011

VOTE Results: Which Blood Angels special character are you?

Thanks for voting guys, much better than what usually happens... I wonder why...

8 of you voted for Mephiston. I really like Mephiston my self because he's very good in close combat and can get to the enemy quickly using "the wings of Sanguinius" and fleet.

6 of you voted for Dante. I really like putting Dante with a squad of Sanguinary Guard as they will land wherever you want the without scattering away, and are good in close combat and can shoot down the enemy tanks.

6 of you voted for Tycho. I usually take him with a squad of pistol and combat sword scout. The make a good assault unit especially if they have a razorback to take them (Blood Angels rhinos and razorbacks can turbo-boost).

6 of you voted for Gabriel Seth. I've never actually used him but he looks good as he has a strength 8 chainsword, whirlwind of gore attack and ferocious instincts.

4 of you like Lemartes. I've never see and don't know if he's good or not.

3 of you liked Corbulo. I like him because he has a 2+ feel no pain, he gives feel no pain to all guys within 6" and gives 1 re-roll per game.

2 of you liked the Sanguinor. I've never played with him but he's nearly impossible to kill (2+, 3+ invuln). He's also immense in close combat but he costs 285 points and Ghazghull (225 points) can just go in and kill the sanginor during Ghazghull's Waaagh (2+ invuln, strength 10, 6 attacks when he charges but he strikes at initiative one but should still inflict 2 or more wounds to the Sanguinor while losing only 0-1 wounds).

2 of you liked Death Company Tycho. I think he's quite good in close combat so I usually move him next to my Death Company and they assault something together nearly always killing the squad they assault.

None of you liked Astorath the Griim. I haven't played with him but I really think he costs to many points because he isn't actually that good unless you want a Death Company only list. If you know you're going to play against Blood Angels with Blood Angels don't take him because he will make your enemy's troops succumb to the red thirst on a 1-3 instead of 1.

1 comment:

  1. no offense but you kind of completely faiiled about the sanguinor because using mathhammer he would cause 1-2 wounds unsaved on gaz while gaz would cause a bit less than one (both in optimized situations for themselves)



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