21 August 2011

Sanguard Wip

It's been quiet around here recently... I don't know about the others but I've been busy working on Paul's Sanguinary guard using Jawaballs' NMM style - although I didn't have all the colours so I had to experiment... I found quite a nice mixture in my experimenting which is a mix of vomit brown and khemri brown - it makes quite a nice colour similar to snakebite leather and if you vary the mix of the two you can change the shade/dark - brightness of the colour.

Btw this is my first time attempting nmm :)

So just a quick one but here's what I have so far - I only need to wash them with leviathan purple and then I can go onto the details - tell me what you think so far.


  1. Looking good, I bet they will look great when finished

  2. I like 'em so far! Looking forward to the wash.

  3. Thanks again - have done it now and also almost finished the wings - not sure whether to post another wip or just wait till I finish the whole thing (all I need to do now is highlight the wings, start painting the scrolls/laurels, guns and bases - and then there's also the banner which I need to decide on how to do still)

  4. A little WiP never hurt anyone!

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