16 August 2011

I'm back

Hi again, just a quick post to say that I'm back and I have a batrep for you from L.A. Battle Bunker :). It was a really awesome place but unfortunately I only had time for one battle. I also snapped a few photos of the tables and the stuff on display so stay tuned.

Other things that will be happening on this blog shortly will be a (probably) campaign because I picked up a planetary empires set, Ilya will probably follow up on his mysterious post (still need to talk to him about that one... ?) and Paul will (HOPEFULLY) do a vote result.

See you then and here is a teaser from the batrep.

Also I hope that I did not bore you guys to death with the scheduled posts, feedback on the mix of topics and degrees of interest would be appreciated so that I know what to save up for the next time that I am away (if there will be a next time...)


  1. I enjoyed the battle reports, especially the 1750 BA Vs IG one :-)

  2. Wow you were quick! Glad you enjoyed thanks for the feedback as always it's very much appreciated! :D



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