17 August 2011

Ultramarines vs Blood Angels 1500pts capture and control US

You can find my army list here. Mission was capture and control with dawn of war deployment. Plan was to move in with the scout move and set up in the ruins early and then possibly be able to capture the enemy objective/ in a worst case scenario contest while the tacs in rhino sat on the obj having popped smoke. Termies would deepstrike as per list plan, everything else would walk on turn 1, combat squad and dread left flank, vindicator, devastators and bikers right flank. So pretty much an even spread. Sternguard would come in depending on Paul's troop movement.

My list is here.


I had the choice of sides and turn 1 so I just chose I with a nice open space for objective placing for my rhino to rumble onto on my left flank although I was originally going to place on the other one but wanted to force him to come further to get mine. Paul placed his objective behind the factory cluster to my right flank.

He set up and went first. Basically he put on a razorback on his objective right flank mephiston just to offcentre to the left and a scout sniper team in some ruins on the left too. I pretty much mirror him with the scout's doing their scout move towards his objective through the refinery ruins and my rhino tacies set up near my objective.

Turn 1 he moves some stuff on (death company only I think). He proceeds to kill one or two of my scouts, move mephiston deep into my deployment zone and do very minor damage to the rhino.

I respond by bringing on my main force (everything but the termies) with everything but the dread and combat squad going onto my right flank. I cause a wound or two on mephiston but either miss or don't see due to the dark with pretty much everything.

Turn 2 sees him kill one more scout and couldn't hit my rhino which had moved flat out. Death company keep moving forward and the scouts fail.

In response I start killing mep with the tacies in the rhino, the devastators and possibly other things too.

And I manage to kill him, vindicator misses, bikes can't reach and my sternguard use the librarian to teleport across the field ------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Some more shots of the action.

Turn 3 and Paul's sanguinary guard drop in. They attack my vindicator but only stun it due to having moved last turn. Assorted shooting happens too but to little effect and he also charges his dc into my sternguard, both sides take casaulties.


My turn and I open fire with the bikes and devastators to no effect after a bout of really bad targetting. The fumes of the river must have got into the augmetic sensors... Left flank I continue a ponderous advance with the dread and combat marines.

Aerial shot of the action.

Here the battle continues...
Turn 4

His asm arrive and due to a mishap get placed on the pipes all the way back on his side of the board losing a man to dangerous terrain who evidently got bounced off the pipes and into the river... glub glub... My rhino is exploded by the missile launcher in the scout squad and tactical marines pile out.
I also win the combat between sternguard and dc at this pt. Then my turn...
I continue trying to purge the sanguinary guard fret to my lines and kill one guy if I remember correctly.

My termies touch down very nearly landing in the toxic river right in front of the asm, one of which is evidently falling over from the shock of surprise attack...

Sanguard get shot at...
A termie dies to plasma fire...
And we had to wrap up at this point because of time, although we both knew at the beginning of the turn that it was going to end then and there.
The game ends but not before the sternguard get in a sneaky assault move (which we didn't play out) that contests the ba objective.

A charge that never came...
So a fun game on a cool table!

Technical 1-0 win to the ultrasmurfs!


  1. Great battle report, Marine on Marine battles can sometimes be a little stale but this one seemed like good fun. Mephiston seemed to be a bit of a damp squib.

  2. Thanks, yes I agree, but I think the fact that our gaming group tries to play it without tons of mech helps it. With meph it was just me getting a few lucky rolls and paul getting a few unlucky ones so I was able to nail him early - usually he takes a wound or two and then proceeds to kill the rest of my army...

  3. I was kind of unlucky with Mephiston. I was unlucky that I failed the leadership test to get strength 10 in close combat against the rhino because then I could ave gone and assauted the tactical squad and I probably would have won. I was unlucky with my deep striking because my assault squad ended up on my side and my termies came in on the last turn.



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