10 August 2011

1000pts IG vs SM Blobs take down power armour...

So time for the 2nd post since I am away and here is your scheduled batrep. Artemy as IG and me as ultras. Just to tell you a little about my gaming group. We have 3 players who permanently play including owning full armies (Paul, Ilya and myself) and we have some who are sometimes interested and others who got interested for a little time got a squad or two and got bored by the daunting task of painting and the time it takes to actually play a decent sized game.

Artemy falls into the second category. So in our matches I always make his army list for him give him advice (literally tell him) what to do in order to beat me (pretty much friendly games). So far he has won the one other game that has been recorded on this blog against, only last time it was the opposite way around - but he had more points due to some odd mistake...

Mission: Capture and Control (at least it wasn't annihalation, although I might have done better at that one...) Deployment: pitched battle.

His list (made by moi):

Lord commissar with power sword, bolt pistol
Veteran squad, plasma gun, 2x flamer, ml heavy weapons
PCS with 2 melta, standard, plasma pistol and power sword (ride in vendetta)
2x Infantry squad nade launcher and heavy bolter heavy weapons team
Hydra - heavy bolter (made by using one of my customisable leman russ' and putting the aegis defence line twin autocannon thing on top, it fit surprisingly well)
Executioner with hb and plasma cannon (never leave your home without this!)
Bane wolf (hb)

My Ultras (with razorback borrowed from paul):

Librarian with avenger and might of ancients
Sternguard with combi-melta and powerfist
Tactical squad with lascannon, meltagun, power weapon and melta bombs
Scout squad of 5 with ml
Razorback with tl lascannon
Dreadnought with assault cannon and heavy flamer
Whirlwind with storm bolter
Predator with lascannon sponsons and autocannon turret

I set up the battlefield to create an interesting tactical challenge. A large LOS blocking building in the middlesome nice cover on one flank and two LOS blocking pieces on another. 

Deployment was pretty straight forward. He had won the roll off so I justtried to stay out of sight, out of danger.
He advances with the front infantry squad, the hydra and the bane wolf (the last one popping smoke and turbo-boosting)

He proceeded to pound at my lines causing minor damage to the razorback and predator.

MY TURN: I took the opportunity to advance my scouts and dreadnought and follow my plan of flaming the hell out of everyone on the objective and then capturing with my scouts. If worst came to worst then I could always contest with the dread. My home objective I would capture with my reserve tac squad in rhino. This turn i also kill quite a few guardsmen and keep moving the pred for cover. Sternguard get out, shoot (failing) and try to assault the bane wolf with fist and str. 10 on the libby but also fail.

His turn 2 and vendetta comes on while one scout dies and the bane wolf throws acid at the sternguard whittling them  down to sergeant and libby with one wound. Predator is also destroyed by hydra so things begin to look bad for me. Whirlwing is battered by the vendetta which loses it's ordanance and is immobilised.

my turn 2 and I respond with some reserves of my own ramming his hellhound with the reserve rhino but failing to damage. My now useless razorback tank shocks his front infantry squad and I explode the vendetta using my meltagun in the rhino. Dreadnought shoots guardsmen but fails to reach so scouts go into the fray alone. Sternguard hang around.

His turn and things begin to look bleak again as Artemy owns myrhino and the tacticals inside. He also blows off the dreadnought's assault cannon. As in last turn we kind of fail in combat with minor casaulties either side.

In my go the tacticals don't reach the command squad due to difficult terrain and my sternguard remains destroy the bane wolf. (next turn) My dreadnought comes into the fray finally but is too late for the scuts and another squad has already arrived to claim the objective.

I kill a few in combat but his guys don't run away. I lose another tactical marine.

My sergeant owns the command squad and my libby kills the bane wolf. My dreadnought finishes off the veterans but does not consolidate far enough to get withing 3" of the enemy objective.
We finish the game there because of time and it's kind of hopeless for me now (although I can get a draw) and because I feel like giving him the win so he gets inspired and might start playing more often and build up an army!


Well, my list was experimental and although I did have some bad luck I wasn't really doing much the whole game. I definitely need more anti-tank for this kind of list to work at 1000pts. Although my dreadnought performed well as usual and would have got me the draw.

For Artemy, well I told him what to do the whole time so maybe I'll let him have a go himself next time, if there is a next time I think it will be his 4th/5th battle.

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