3 August 2011

500pts BA vs BA tactics match

Now that you're seeing this I am long gone so enjoy!

So this was a kind of eh sort of match. What actually happened was that we rolled for which armies we got and then since we both rolled for blood angels we took it in turns to pick units. I mostly picked what I had in terms of SM models so that we wouldn't get confused apart from Corbulo who I counted as a sanguinary priest. We only took 1 troop choice each for this

My list:

Librarian (blood lance and sanguine sword)
Priest with power sword and jump pack
Assault squad with power fist, combat shield, jump packs all round
5 tac marines with plasma gun and power sword

So my tactic was put libby and combi-melta to drive up and shoot out of the rhino while the assault squad with fnp dealing priest following up behind using the rhino to block LOS or if that wasn't possible get cover.

Paul's army:

Mephiston (he always takes him... :/)
Scout squad ML and snipers
Scout squad (combat blades? and pistols)
Attack bike with heavy bolter

So ehhh... I don't know why but I always feel bored looking at Paul's lists. They're so unimaginative. Always a brutal elite quick combat force always backed up by deadly cc special characters and then the cheapest stuff he can get to hold the backline objective/one closer to his deployment zone. This was more like a game for me to see what blood angels can do and for him to find and (hopefully) get inspired about other ways to use them.

so everything going according to plan as I get turn 1 and advance. 

Oh and the reason I didn't reserve my asm was because in a previous small pts game I put down only one unit and a rhino with another and left my vanguard in reserve and almost (a lucky cover save) got wiped out on turn 1/2 when they didn't arrive...

Side view

Mephiston attack! thankfully I had moved 12" so he either didn't do any damage or did minor damage

My asm lost a guy despite all my trouble to massed shooting from everything else in his army and in my turn took their time to jump over mephiston while my rhino positions itself to block line of sight and fry mephiston...
plasma gunner: "who's your daddy?"

And fry mephiston they did putting three wounds on him altogether with the libby's blood lance. note we both forgot about psychic hoods this game - paul because he never needs to use it and me because I like never use librarians.

what's going on here??? Paul decided to make comic scenes in his movement phase, confident that mephiston would pwn everyone
wait what about the this? Crazy stuff...
He slaughtered my asm leaving his guys all nicely lined up for a blood lance :). it killed mephiston took a wound on the bike and destroyed the rhino. For me the game got even more meh at this point and I decided to call it there. There's something that I genuinely dislike about small points levels below 1000pts and even that can get dull sometimes.

So what I learned:

1) I never before fully understand how BA could be better than codex marines - now I do, you simply need to look at the choice of psychic powers you have (after seeing the great use of my librarian this game I went straight to my codex to see if I could do something similar with my ultras - you can't). Also I find it amazing that ASM are troops in blood angels, if that were the case in SM I would be very happy!

2) If you use the tactic I used army wide you could have a very tough army. 3 rhinos and 3 asm squads moving behind makes it very tough for your opponent to deal with. Of course if your opponent can dish out a load of hurt very quickly you can always reserve your asm and keep them alive.

So one or two more "real" batreps after this one for 1500 (if I remember correctly) and one for 1000pts.


  1. Yh, all our batreps are floor wars, I really need to get a board... although this suits me fine :)



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