24 November 2013

1850 - Marines + Tau

Just been thinking of a list something along these lines... not sure what chapter tactics to use though, and perhaps it might be better to swap tau to primary... but then we'd be looking at a very different list so...

Nicely formatted version of the list can be found here.

16 November 2013

Farsight PIP

Just a quick one (from about what 2 weeks ago now?) Got some work done on mr Farsight, blocked out the red and started the highlighting, got half a mind to repaint all my tau as Farsight enclaves now, haha.

3 November 2013

Double Blow - Game 3

Game 3 - vs Space marines and Dark Angels

Tigurius - scrier's gaze, prescience and the malediction that makes us re-roll successful saves
Techmarine on bike with conversion beamer ( i think)
3x devastator centurions in land raider with multi-melta
5x scouts with snipers and camo cloaks
5x scouts with combat weapons and pistols in land speeder storm with heavy flamer
Land raider redeemer
Stormraven with multi-melta and lascannon

DA librarian ML 2, 4+ invuln thing - precognition and something else,
5 deathwing knights
5 scouts
Stormraven with multi-melta and lascannon

Mission: Relic, Deployment: vanguard strike.

Our opponents got to choose sides and I think they made a mistake here. If they had picked the diagonal to give us and themselves very little terrain, we would still be ignoring cover against their land raiders no matter what, meanwhile we wouldn't have had a massive ruin to fortify and sit everyone in. For warlord traits we got night attacker and promptly put it to use.

2 November 2013

Double blow - Game 2

Army list can be found in previous post.

Game 2 vs chaos allied with black legion.

Abaddon - got shrouded on boon of mutation
2 oblits mon
2 oblits mon
2 oblits mon
10 cultists
10 cultists
5 spawn mon
Sorcerer ml 3, bike, boon of mutation (?)
10 cultists
10 cultists
2 oblits mon

His sorcerer got puppet master, fearless and some other thing. Yes I say his because I've played this guy before, he's a very good player, all the models were his own and he told me that his friend was there only because he needed a team-mate for the purposes of doubles.

Mission - big guns never tire, deployment - hammer and anvil.

We win the roll of to choose sides and straight away make a mistake as Paul persuades me that there's a nice ruin where we can place everyone. Unfortunately this turns out not to be the case as it means for the most part no one would get cover. We get to go and deploy first. They plonk their aegis right in the middle of the board. We fortify the far left ruin and put broadsides in it. Riptide, pathfinders and bikes in the middle and thunderfire and two rhinos with tacticals behind the building as well. Everything else in reserve, kroot outflank.

1 November 2013

Double blow - Game 1

2000 pts doubles, single foc one player is the "allied detachment" hence why we tried to make the two halves as equal as possible while remaining semi-competitive and using as many painted marine models as possible. My team-mate was my brother Paul.

Took the following list:

Chapter Master, shield eternal, burning blade, bike, artificer armour, auspex
5 bikers, 2x grav-gun
Tactical Squad, plasmagun, combi-plasma, multi-melta, rhino
Tactical Squad, plasmagun, combi-plasma, multi-melta, rhino
Stormtalon, twin-linked lascannon
Stormtalon, twin-linked lascannon
Thunderfire Cannon

Allied Tau (under Paul's control):
Commander with Iridium armour, PEN chip, MSSS, 4+ invuln, stimulant injectors
Riptide, ion, fusion blaster, EWO, velocity tracker
6 Firewarriors
10 kroot, hound
6 pathfinders
3 broadsides with missiles, 2 with target locks

Game 1 vs Raven guard plus some other space marine chapter

They had roughly:


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