27 May 2011

Space Marine Game

WOW!!! Looks amazing - scraped right off Ignatum lol.

18 May 2011

1 Year of Blogging with 100 posts heads-up

Okay, this is the 100th post and I have had just a few days over a year of blogging here. I thank you all for your support and your comments, and would like to give something back to you guys.

I, as you know, am very busy right now, but sometime next month, I shall be organising a give-away. And keeping with the restrictions on the interwebz now about not buying anything from GW, it shall be something I have hoarded away somewhere (dont worry it shall not be an old dusty metal model - probably a captain, or some other suitable thing, and possibly some bases for the runner up). AND YES IT WILL DEFINITELY BE A GW 40K model!!!

Just one thing that you should be warned about, I shall be giving the prize away to someone randomly selected out of the list of people who are my followers, BUT who also have commented sometime on my blog - (yes you could just comment saying "me please" at the bottom of the post that will be announcing the give-away, I just don't want to end up with people who randomly clicked follow, don't want the prize, won't contact me with their details or just don't care/hate this blog.)

So now that you know what is ahead, all that remains is to wait for it.

16 May 2011

NO more Metal!

So GW has decided to put an end to metal minis. What does this mean for us? Well, not much in particular except that prices are going to go UP!

One thing that I am hopeful for is that the resin casts won't be as fiddly to put together as the metal was, I really don't like metal minis for one reason - they take AGES to glue together (I use citadel glue but now more often my own glue that is universal - sticks everything) and also they fall apart just so easily. Not forgetting to mention that on metal minis in my experience paint chips much more easily and sometimes the citadel spray just flows straight off the minis!

Therefore, unlike most people out there, I am actually quite hopeful for the new stuff. With a little luck they'll make new casts for all the models they are making this way too. For the meanwhile though I shall wait and see if anyone else tries them out before I buy any! ;)

Heres a list of the new stuff

Effigy IDEA thingy

So as an art assignment I need to build an effigy - hmm I see you already know some ideas. I have one or two and will be posting my progress probably on this blog, cos methinks that I could use it as a piece of terrain afterwards possibly.

I'm considering making a fountain thing with a statue in the middle, and the statue is a human thing that turns into an octupus/tentacled thing...

See at the next post :D

14 May 2011

Rough Riders ideas

I know I haven't posted lately, but I've been extremely busy, and it looks like I will be for a few weeks yet. Nevertheless I have done some stuff - unfortunately for you guys I am not going to post about it yet.

So as you have probably guessed by now this is a quickie about rough riders. Right, I haven't had much success with them, but seeing as I only play-tested them once in a weird friendly game, I probably need to try them out more.

I REALLY like the idea of awesome cavalry in the 40K universe, but as it has already become apparent to me, rough riders, even on their first charge are not good. They pretty much lost to a scout squad when I played (squad of 5 vs scout + sergeant, they killed both and had only one guy remaining :/).

I am thinking that possibly they could be used in a similar way to SM bikers (need to check if they can take melta).

SO thinking of these things I did some researching on the net. I did not find many tutorials that were on still working webpages, and out of those that I found only one could be called OFFICIALLY AWESOME! And that is of course at dark future games, and here is the link.

7 May 2011


Soo... here it is:

28% thought that picture quality needs to be improved - I agree! And as some of my older followers will know, I do have a better camera.

1 person thinks that my batreps are pathetic - yes you hiding down there! Well, pls tell me what I can improve, writing it out in complete detail isn't good, cos I tried that before and it's boring, so...

1 other (or probably the same) person thinks that the Painting and Conversions section of this blog is not good. Well why? I get to choose what I want to paint/convert, or if you're criticising my painting then thats too bad - go follow another blog. Anyways:

The very kind people (71%) among you voted that everything is great and I thank sooo much for that. It's great to now that someone likes what I do here.

And see you all next time.


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