19 September 2010

Building the White Dwarf and Obj Marker

So, I've built the white dwarf as you can see on the picture, and also made an accidentally thought up objective marker. I was making the dwarf and thinking about how I would probably have to paint the dwarf and that helmet thing first and then add them together, but as you can see it created an objective marker, simple but effective I think. Especially if I manage to paint both of them up anywhere near the standards of what is on the box. Also, making this metal guy, I remembered how annoying it is to glue metal, so I will probably be putting up a tutorial/tips on how I think it is best to do it.

Photographing your minis

Since Ron emailed me fromthewarp to do a collaborative post on photography, here I am. Amazingly enough that was exactly what I was thinking about doing just today. Seriously! I am going to put up a poll about what cameras you guys use to put photos on your blogs.

Personally I use either my small travel 12 megapixel camera or an iphone camera. For photos on battle reports I recommend doing snapshots of the battle for each turn, rather than a distant overview. So like my last battle report rather than my earlier ones where I was much less experienced. Also I recommend bringing the actual camera quite close rather than zooming in a long way as photos tend to turn out slightly blurred if you use a lot of zoom feature. 

My camera is similar to this, what's yours like?

18 September 2010

The White Dwarf

So, while I was just digging around my place I happened to find this white dwarf box. Taking a little look at it, I decided that it looks pretty cool and that I should make and paint the white dwarf, (it would serve a little more purpose than just lying around the place). You can see the picture of the box, but I haven't opened it yet. Stay tuned for updates.

12 September 2010

Heavy Weapons Team 1 Built

The whole team

Having dug up my Imperial Guard Battleforce and deciding I definately needed some heavy weapons in my army, I decided to finally make the heavy weapons team. After spending some time pondering on how to build it, I decided I would have a trio of missile launchers as the frags would kill orks or massed infantry while the krak shots would be able to destroy most of the tanks in the game. I was thinking about lascannons, but in smaller battles I think the missile launchers will be more useful. However as my army gets bigger and maybe for apocalypse, I will probably getting another heavy weapons team and equip it with lascannons, (to hunt down those big tanks, super-heavies and titans). More pictures below (sorry if slightly blurred). Oh and yes, I know those were supposed to be mortar shells but I added them anyway because I thought they look cool.
Shoot that target!


5 September 2010

Result of Vote:What is your favourite opposing army

2 votes for Imperial Guard:
This is probably unsurprising as it is actually quite hard to make a well balanced force using guardsmen, especially if you don't know what you are facing. A tip for guardsmen players out there that I found works well, is move your infantry and tanks at the same time when attacking the enemy as this means either they shoot up your big gun or the lord commissar hidden in your squad of thirty who's going to beat up a unit in the assault phase.

1 vote for orks:
This in my opinion is quite often a fun army to go against as unless they take a load of hard boys, you can always end up killing a load of greenskins, so even a loss achieves a sort of moral victory.

1 vote for Tau:
Well, against tau there's nothing much to say really, if you have some fast attacking troops and a railgun shot or two misses then you're in luck.

The other armies are in my opinion quite tough (i.e. Space Marines) or rare like Daemonhunters. So thanks for reading and please don't be shy to comment and express you're own experiences.

4 September 2010

Work on Titan Update

So, I'm back in England from the summer and so will not be able to continue the titan and won't have as many battle reports until october or in the worst case december. For now keep reading for a post tomorrow.


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