24 September 2011

Friendly batrep IG vs BA on RoBB

Ok, ok I know COTBT will kill me/hate me for the rest of my life for this but I just gave in. Yes I bought a realm of battle gameboard. I just cannot be bothered to spend a long time creating something that I won't find to be a satisfying standard when I can get something like this. In any case it beats playing floorwars on a matt. (we'll be able to play on a table in the future - even though this one is still a floor war)

This game was actually Artemy against Paul with Artemy rocking his count as guard which are actually pretty good imo, except that there are no bases which was an argument which kind of caused this game to end. Btw I've gotta get one of those APC's that looks like the secret weapon vehicle thing - they cost about 1/3 or 1/4 of the price of a chimera, i dont know how long/wide a chim is and I also cant remember the dimesions of the APCs (I did measure them btw) cos they look like a really good substitute.

Anyway enough chit chat, I'll say our basic plan and then let the pics more or less tell the story (btw the sanguinary guard really do stand out on the battlefield :D).

Capture and control table quarters, 1500pts (maybe less)



Pretty much standard list I think... see picture... basically sanguard, dante, stormraven, dc dread, whirlwind, land speeder, cc termies and a devastator squad with assorted weapons.

IG: (near pic for explanation)

Plan was to go castle up first few turns then tentatively strike out with armoured elements and get objectives. Also mid-game we decided to use the 'juicy bait' tactic - casually stolen from the space wolves blog (go check them out they are awesome), using a squad in a chim to entice the sanguard into what would have been a deadly trap had the game not ended due to the afore-mentioned argument... anyway enough spoilers...

21 September 2011

Sanguard wip 2

Sorry I have been very busy lately but I do have a couple of posts to put up included a kind of batrep with a little surprise, an army list and Ilya may have something for you too. I shall be spreading the stuff I have to post over the next month or so until I can get back to the hobby properly in about october which is when these dudes and the surprise will get some work done on them.

For now here is a picture of the sanguard so far in the display case. The middle one is almost finished - just the eyes and scrolls needed to be done - those wings take an awfully long time especially since they were already stuck on before I started painting. For those interested in how I did the wings it was black base, codex grey leaving a little black, fortress grey leaving a little codex (or trying to) and then highlight skull white with a really cool tiny brush I got.

As always click for a better view.

See you next time :)

11 September 2011

мой сокол

Я покрасил сокол в серый цвет что бы он отличался от всей армии.


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