29 January 2011

Battle Wagon Painting Progress

I got myself a new camera for my birthday, and now I have these new wonderfully pics to present to you! This isn't finished yet, I still need to highlight the metal, add to some details, paint the orks fully and finish off the turret.

More pics of the finished piece will come, after Paul brings it back from an apocalypse battle today.

Please do click to enlarge the pics.

21 January 2011

Battle Wagon WIP

I'm sorry about my other post malfunctioning - I'll try to sort that out but, onto positive things.... Paul has a new battle wagon and more coming up... Here is the work in progress, it will soon be painted, as well as its twin that is currently on the construction line.

16 January 2011

Final Ultramarine Army List

Just the list I will be using from now on (against orks/hordes swapping out one or two things for flamers, taking a rhino instead of a razorback, adding a drop pod and giving/taking away melta-bombs):

9 January 2011

Presents and a little more titan work

Happy belated christmas everyone!

Oh yeah

7 January 2011

Clash of the Eldar!!!

First of apologies, I know it's been a long time but I'm back with a battle report. We rolled for an annihalation mission, with pitched battle deployment, I was surprised at his lack of transports and found him shocked and worried that I had special playtested my army against Paul's orks and with Artemy for this encounter.


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