29 December 2013

Digital weapons v1 game 3

Game 3 - vs Necrons:

(Apparently this is a copy and paste of his list)

HQ - Imotekh the Stormlord(Royal Court: - Cryptek + chronometron (40 pts) - Cryptek + voltaic staff (25 pts) - Cryptek + abyssal staff + veil of darkness (60 its)) [350pt] 
HQ - Overlord(warscythe, sempiternal weave, resurrection orb, mindshackle scarabs, phase shifter) [205pt] 
Troops - Immortals x7(gauss blasters) [119pt] 
Troops - Warriors x 6(Night Scythe (Dedicated Transport)) [178pt] 
Troops - Warriors x5(Night Scythe (dedicated transport)) [165pt] 
Heavy support - Annihilation Barge(tesla cannon) [90pt] 
Heavy support - Annihilation Barge(tesla cannon) [90pt] 
Heavy support - Annihilation Barge(tesla cannon) [90pt] 
Fast attack - Canoptek Wraiths x6() [210pt] 

Mission is 6 objectives, fast attack scores, but doesn't give up points. Each player places a 3, 2 and 1 - pointer, the values of which are revealed upon a unit coming within 3" of them. Deployment is vanguard strike. I'm not sure who gets to pick sides, may have been me. I try to keep my objectives close together around the landing pad. He wins the roll-off for first turn and takes it, claiming that he's already been nearly wiped by one tau player in round 1 and that this will be a quick game... I'm not so sure. He redeploys his barges several times, finally settling on placing them as far forward as possible. His massive immortal squad with all the lords and crypteks is behind the main ruin in his dz.

Digital Weapons Game 1 - on video

Courtesy of Spaceman/The False Emperor Youtube channel, you now have the chance to view game 1 as seen here on video! It's all in russian but nonetheless. In other words, I guess I can now say I'm internet famous...

27 December 2013

Digital weapons v1: Game 2

Game 2 - relic, dawn of war deployment. I get the pleasure of versing a seer council of doom for the first time:

Farseer, bike, spear (doom, executioner, guide)
Farseer, bike spear (eldritch storm, death mission, guide)
8 warlocks on bike (2x guide, 3x executioner, doom, enhance/drain, quicken/restrain)
5 dire avengers, wave serpent, scatter laser, holo-fields
5 dire avengers, wave serpent, scatter laser, holo-fields
Wraithknight with D-cannons or whatever they're called

Baron Sathonyx

5 warriors, blaster, venom with extra cannon, maybe some grisly trophies or something.

My opponent somehow didn't get fortune so I guess I wasn't even versing this army at it's full potential. The special rule for this table was night-fight happens automatically on both turn 1 and turn 5, which was great considering I rolled night attacker for my warlord trait...

I win the roll of to choose sides and give my opponent the side with minimal los-blocking terrain so he hasn't got anywhere to hide the council should I get turn 1. I place the skyshield accordingly to negate the one los-blocker that my opponent could potentially use.

I then lose the roll of for first turn, courtesy of the baron...

Digital weapons v1: Game 1

Just a quick intro to start off with. This was an 1500 pt tournament with all of the new dataslates, etc allowed. IA on the otherhand was not. Proxies and unpainted models were also not placed under any restrictions which meant it was the perfect place to test the list I came up with following the 1850 doubles tournament. In effect I took that but obviously trimmed down. Also there was a funky rule where something special happened on each table.

Primary - Tau:

Commander, CnC node, MSSS, PEN-chip, Iridium armour
Riptide, ion accelerator, fusion blaster, EWO, Velocity tracker
10 kroot, hound
10 kroot, hound
5 pathfinders
5 pathfinders
3 broadsides, 2x EWO
Skyray, twin-linked SMS
Skyray twin-linked SMS

Secondary - Iron Hands:

Chapter Master, bike, artificer armour, shield eternal, power fist
5 bikes, 2x grav-gun

Skyshield Landing pad

Game 1 vs CSM + Necrons:

Sorceror, couple of mastery levels, force axe (?)
2x Oblits
2x Oblits
Havocs with Lascannons

Necron Lord, 2+ armour, res orb, scythe
Cryptek, (orb?), special flamer and/or haywire staff thing (voltaic staff?)
5 warriors
5 warriors
Night Scythe
Night Scythe

Bastion with Comms-relay

The table we got was wintery and so no weapons would overheat... Decent for my opponent kinda meh for me with my one twin-linked riptide... Mission was Big Guns Never Tire 2 objectives and Hammer and Anvil deployment - heavy support doesn't give up any points... I manage to win the roll off for first turn I think actually my opponent went first and to pick sides. I try to give my opponent the side with relatively little terrain to hide behind. Chapter Master, Commander and Riptide join up to deliver a turn 1 alpha strike that will definitely get first blood, broadsides sit nearby so the commander can flit between them. The rest of the army is as far away from the heldrakes as possible or behind/in between the legs of the skyshield which were ruled as giving 3+ cover, as opposed to the top of the landing pad which only gave a 4+ invuln...

26 December 2013

750 point tournament: Christened in Battle

This past weekend I attended two tournaments, the second of which was 750 pts full wysiwyg and full paint. There was limited space but a lot of people turned up so games were played on a half table. This benefitted so up armies in some situations a lot more than others...

My list 750 pts Iron Hands:

Master of the forge
5 scouts,heavy bolter
5 tactical marines, meltagun, melta bombs
Land raider redeemer, multi-melta, extra armour
Land raider

The idea was that heldrakes don't scare me and I bring something no one expects to see, and two of them at that. For people who had not come prepared this was likely to be a shock. I was also aware that at the same time I could come up with some very bad match-ups for me to the extent where I am hoping for the best shooting with two lascannons while being torn apart by a stromraven.

Also of note is the fact that I finally dug up my half-built land raider that I had lying around from what? 6 years ago now? So I fixed it up and got 3 colours on it...

Game 1 vs Necrons


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