29 May 2010

Spearhead datasheets link

Spearhead datasheets


With spearhead coming out very soon, I decided to take a look at the new datasheets and rules. It tuns out that there is a lot of choice in choosing models to fit into a spearhead, so no one spearhead should be the same. I strongly recommend getting the latest white dwarf to get a taster of the gameplay. In my opinion it is very similar to playing an apocalypse tank battle.

23 May 2010

Colourscheme Website

This is my colourscheme tried on a nice website which allows you to experiment with colourschemes. Here is the link: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/fwpbeta.php

22 May 2010

1500 Tau Tournament Army

I was thinking about an 1500 point dream Tau army and came up with this. It isn't counted up in terms of points. Please comment.

 •Shas'o Commander with battlesuit bodyguard 

•Crisis battlesuit team of three 
•Crisis battlesuit team of three 
•Stealth team with shas'ui and fusion blaster 
•Fire warrior team in devilfish with disruption pods, fletchette 
•Firewarrior team in devilfish with disruption pods, fletchette 
•Kroot squad 11 kroot, shaper and 2 hounds 

Fast attack: 
•Pathfinder with two rail rifles in devilfish with disruption pods 
and fletchette dischargers 

Heavy Support: 
•Broadside battlesuit team of two suits 
•Hammerhead gunship with railgun and a pair of burst cannons, 
flechette dischargers and disruption pods 
•Sky Ray Gunship with a smart missile system, flechette dischargers 
and disruption pods

20 May 2010

What colour should I paint my Tau

Since I have begun to dislike my colourscheme I have decided to put it to the vote. Here are the possible options:

Tau sept colour just like I have now but use better highlights and white gun. This is my favourite colourscheme since I first got into collecting Tau.

Green forest camouflaged armour with blue overalls - kinda like in Avatar. I loved this colourscheme when it first came up in the random selection on Dawn of War. You can also see my progress on a devilfish with this paintscheme.

Another option is urban camouflage I'm not sure how this will look but it might be something like the following picture. This should definitely be considered as I play a lot of cityfighting.

Campaign Background

Since the Summer Holidays are coming up, my friends and I decided to get an idea of what we could do for a summer campaign. Now the campaign should be set out in a realistic way so I am thinking 
of getting the planetary empires boxed set and possible the planetstrike rulebook. I am also thinking about making some personalised Tau terrain. If you have any suggestions please commentShown below is some background I found.

The Planet Kronus, beset on all sides by the tithes of war, this once quiet colony became a savage battlefield. Seven armies clashed on this one world, each refusing to back down. Each convinced it was in the right. From beneath the ancient sands of Kronus’ central dessert came the Necrons. Ancient machines bent on eradicating all life, but another evil had already set its eyes on that planet. From the depths of the warp, the daemonic forces of chaos arrived to enforce their claim. To oppose these fearsome powers the planet rulers and the Tau went mad, sent their relief soldiers and sophisticated battlesuits into the fray. From the mighty Imperium of Man came the Imperial Guard, theirs was the claim on Kronus was the glory of the God Emperor. Like a green tide, the Ork hordes descended on Kronus, caring little for other’s claims and sowing destruction in their wake. Then the Eldar, ancient enemies of the Necrons, emerged from their webway to pursue their own agenda on Kronus. At last came the Space Marines, finest of the most uncompromising of the Imperium’s soldiers, seeing the world beset by aliens and heretics, they undertook a great purge.
The Dark Crusade had begun. It could only end with the victory of one of these factions and the total defeat of all others.

The Space Marines of the Blood Ravens chapter arrived on Kronus like the mailed fist of the Emperor. Acting under orders from his chapter master and chief librarian, Young brother Captain Thule ordered the Ravens to carry out a thorough purge of this world.  The Chapter Master had told Thule that ancient relics of the chapter were hidden on Kronus, Artifacts from the mysterious early years of the Blood Ravens. These sacred items could not be allowed to fall into alien hands. Captain Thule ordered the withdrawal of the Imperial Guard forces stationed in Victory Bay. The Governor Alexander flatly refused to pull his men back. Thule judged the Governor a good man, but had little choice but to send his Space Marines to battle the Governors troops, along with all the other powers on Kronus. The Blood Ravens willingness to fight soldiers of the Imperium did not go unnoticed. Whispers began that the  relics on Kronus were more damming than holy. Only the war’s victor’s would be left to decide the truth of the matter.

1000 pts Orks vs Ultramarines


I got to roll for the mission as Paul had promptly rolled a 1. So the mission came to be played was annihilation with the table quarters deployment.

Space Marine Army
1)Space Marine Commander with boltgun and power sword
2)Tactical Squad with flamer and missile launcher
3)Scout squad with heavy bolter
4)Vanguard Veterans with relic blade, 2 plasma pistols and 2 power swords
5)Dreadnought with storm bolter and assault cannon
6)Land Raider redeemer with multi-melta

7)Land speeder with typhoon missile launcher and multi-melta

Ork Army

1)Gazghkull Thraka
2) Old Zogwort
3) Nobs with power klaw, big choppa, combi-rocket, combi-scorcha
4) Tankbustas with 2 bomb squigs, nob, tankhammer
5) Gretchin with runtherd
6) Deff Dread with rockitt launcha and kustom mega-blaster
7) Squad of 3 killa kans with big shoota, rokit launcha, scorcha
8) Squad of 2 wartraks


Dimitry: I deployed first placing my redeemer in the north east corner, ready to carry the tactical squad with the captian inside. I set my scouts up in the building closest to the centre of the board from which they made their scout move towards the bastion. My land speeder and dreadnought were deployed facing the west in order to prevent any sneaky ork trukk flank attacks. This left my veterans to come down from reserve with the deep strike special rule. They might be a pleasant surprise for the unsuspecting orks!

Paul: I deployed my wartraks on the left, ready to zoom to Dimitrys land speeder to explode. The tankbustas also on the left would follow the wartraks to the land raider. The gretchin, deployed in the bunker, would shoot anyone who went close. The killa kans, deployed in front of the bunker would shoot anyone who got on to the bastion. The rest were put ont the right to destroy anyone in their path.

Turn 1

Dimitry: After Paul failed to seize the initiative I went into all out attack mode and moved out. My scouts failed to get a six to go into cover, so I sent my dreadnought to support them. I move flat out with my land speeder in order to get into a good position to shoot some of those trukks. My Redeemer moved more cautiously in order to fry some orks-just in case it could reach. My scouts successfully got into cover after rolling a 2 for running. My redeemer failed to reach but it would be ready to slaughter someone next turn. My dreadnought also failed to reach but my land speeder was much more successful wiping out a whole squad of those land raider threatening tankbustas with its typhoon missile launcher.

Paul: The wartraks charged forward along my left flank flat out in order to close in with that thrice dammed lanspeeder, the killa kans also lumbered forward. Gazghkul thraka and his nobs moved as far forward as possible towards the bastion. The Deff dread moved towards the right flank to close with the land raider while Old Zogrot finished inside a crater. The Gretchin however stood like idiots in the bunker-evidently too scared to venture into the open, everyone knows they arent tough enough! The wartraks shot at the land speeder all missing but re-rolling so one hit and nothing happened. The Deff Dred shot the scouts hitting and just wounding a scout twice who thanks to the cover was save. The deff dreads also shot at the land speeder but could not penetrate rolling a 1 for the rokkit launcher when 2+ was needed. Why dice Gods? Gazghkul and his nobs ran 3 inches and that was it after old zogwort passed a psychic test (but re-rolled being unhappy with the result but still getting the same power).

Turn 2

Dimitry: Having failed my reserve roll with a 2, my Scouts quickly took control of the bastion. Meanwhile my land raider remained stationary as the dreadnought moved forward to get a better view of the Nobs while the Land Speeder got ready to shoot down the Killa Kans in case they did some damage- not that I thought they were capable of doing much. In the shooting the Scouts failed to penetrate the thick armour of the Nobs but the dreadnought did better causing 3 wounds. The land raider just did not reach (again!!!! As Paul said, Waste of bullets!). On the other side of the field the land speeder caused the killa kans to be unable to move and the one with da rokitt unable to shoot next turn.

Paul: The turn began with a Waagh after I changed my mind about moving Old Zogwart. All the Orks who could charged forward with a mighty roar which was only Zoggy and the Nobz!!!!! Gazghkull got into cover while the dred moved forward. Zogwart passed his psychic test rerolling his 1 and getting a 4 instead which meant that he would gain 1 attack when he charged this turn. The gretchin failed to reach the scouts with their flimsy weapons however the scorcha nob scored a hit killing two guys and Gazghkuls shot was saved. The normal nobs only managed 1 wound which killed a scout. The Kans shot the scouts but did not kill anyone. Then the wartraks decided to have a go at the land speeder missing half their shots but still penetrating and destroying it. The Deff Dread destroyed the marine dreadnought and that was it.

Turn 3

Dimitry: Failing my reserve roll (again!!!), I decided it was time for a land raider charge. So my redeemer moved flat out while my scouts got ready to shoot and inevitably be assaulted by the Nobs next turn. Horror! The land raider shot Zogwart with its assault cannon killing Zogwart in one furious burst. The scouts shot at the nobs with the heavy bolter killing one uge ork.
Paul: The wartraks moved towards the bastion to shoot the scouts. Then the gretchins finally ran out of their bunker! WooHoo! The deff dread moved towards the land raider. Gazghkull and his nobz moved towards the land raider ready to bash and smash and crash it up. The killa kans moved towards the land raider ready to shoot it. The gretchin shot at the scouts but missed. The wartraks shot at the scouts and managed to kill one, leaving the heavy bolter. The nobz shot at the land raider with the rokkit launcher and hit but did not penetrate it. The deff dread shot at the land raider but missed. In the assault phase Gazghkull hit but rolled a 3 for armour penetration.

Paul: The wartraks moved towards the bastion to shoot the scouts. Then the gretchins finally ran out of their bunker! WooHoo! The deff dread moved towards the land raider. Gazghkull and his nobz moved towards the land raider ready to bash and smash and crash it up. The killa kans moved towards the land raider ready to shoot it. The gretchin shot at the scouts but missed. The wartraks shot at the scouts and managed to kill one, leaving the heavy bolter. The nobz shot at the land raider with the rokkit launcher and hit but did not penetrate it. The deff dread shot at the land raider but missed. In the assault phase Gazghkull hit but rolled a 3 for armour penetration.

Turn 4

Dimitry: After rolling for my reserves my Veterans finally arrived but unfortunately scattered but luckily the two inflicted wounds were saved. My tactical squad got out of the land raider and got ready to do whatever was needed to GET RID OF THOSE NOBS!!!! The heavy bolter scout shot at the gretchin, gunning one down, while the veterans shot at a wartrakk and nearly died themselves as a plasma pistol overheated. On the other side of the field the tactical sgt and flamer did not managed to wound any nobs but the land raider had more luck killing a nob, wounding another and also wounding Gazghkull! In the assault phase the vanguard veterans charged the wartraks, immobilizing one and wrecking the other. Meanwhile the tactical squad with the commander charged Gazghkull and his nobs (a bit suicidal perhaps but oh well!). The Captain wounded Gazghkull twice but the notorious ork passed his 5+ invulnerable save. What a shame! The nobs and the marines struck each other one nob killing three while the marines caused two wounds, killing the already wounded nob and wounding the other. Then Gazghkull struck against the normal marines killing one and the last nob did not manage to kill anyone. The Space Marines passed their leadership and valiantly stayed in the combat.
Paul: The gretchin ran forward while the killa kans moved towards the veterans. Then the gretchin shot at the remaining scout and killed him. The killa kans shot at the veterans killing one guy. The Deff Dread charged in the Tactical Marine vs Gazghkull and Nob combat while the Killa Kans charged the Veterans. One killa kan was destroyed and one veteran was killed. The marine captain took two wounds off Gazghkull leaving him on his last wound. The normal marines killed the last nob and the deff dread killed noone. Striking last Gazghkull managed to kill one marine thus losing the combat but still passing his leadership test of 5!!! only just (outnumbered).

Turn 5

Dimitry: With all my units locked in combat we went straight into assault after my land raider moved towards the gretchin and shot killing 4. In the Veteran vs kan combat the marines gave one a weapon destroyed result for one kan (skorcha) and crew stunned the other. The Kans hit back killing one but the Veteran stayed and fought on. In the main combat the Space Marine Captain killed Gazghkull once and for all! The other marines did not manage to break through the dreds armour but it managed to kill one marine, which meant the combat was a draw.

Paul: The gretchin ran towards the tactical squad. The vanguard veteran exploded the a killa kan and himself. The last killa kan consolidated. Meanwhile on the other side of the field the captain crew stunned the dread and the normal marines crew shakened it. The Deff Dread killed yet another marine.

Then we rolled a 5 and the game continued.

Turn 6

Dimitry: The Land raider Redeemer pivoted and shot the Gretchin, killing 3. In close combat the captain immobilized the deff dread. The normal marines did not penetrate.

Paul: The Gretchin move towards the combat as did the remaining killa kan. The captain struck the crew shaken dred doing nothing but then immobilized the kan. The tactical marines killed 2 gretchin. The runtherd did nothing. Orks lost the combat and the runtherd ran away but was cut down.

Then I rolled a 6 and the game continued.

Turn 7

Dimitry: My Redeemer moved towards the Wartrak and shot its multi-melta destroying its weapon and in effect wrecking it. The squad and captain did not destroy the kan and dred and they did not do anything in return.

Paul: The Captain crew stunned the Dred the rest did nothing. The Deff Dred did not manage to wound the Captain and neither could the Kan.

Imperial Victory!
Space Marines:6


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