30 June 2012

Another orky building

I know I promised a lot more action on this blog but have really been bogged down doing other things. One of these is thinking how much my army will need to change now that 6th ed is really happening.

10 June 2012

iBooks Space marine codex review

6th Ed version update: click here

Since I needed to get rules for my ultramarines (left my codex in Russia) and also because I support the move to digital overall, I bought the electronic version.

As you can see it is highly probable that these special rules have been duplicated from the page before which states Sicarius' rules
Now the problem is that for such an expensive product I would expect it to be perfect but there are occasional glitches as my iPad gets overloaded with information (or at least I think that's why it quits iBooks randomly)

The bigger problem is that there are many typos and when you click on the description of some rules it comes up with the description for another unit (see pictures).

9 June 2012

Apocalypse batrep: Imperium and Orks vs Blood Angels and Nids

On Friday, we had another apocalypse match - this time I was with the ork player bringing my space marines and guard, sporting my trio of leman russ', a vindicator and the usual stuff. Unfortunately he didn't bring his squiggoth :( so there was a big dent in our offensive capabilities.

Mission was the standard apocalypse one (6 objectives), with some twists made up by yours truly. Each HQ choice that died, was left on the field and became an extra objective. Also one team member was the overall force commander and they got to secretly nominate one of their HQ's who would have a special ability. On the tyranid/blood angel side it was d3 poisoned ap5 blasts which could be shot in the line of sight of their leader (who we later found out to be Dante). On our team it was booby-trapping d3 building which could be scheduled in advance, one of which could be remotely detonated if in the los of our force commander (the weirdboy).

I had an evil plan so we bid thirty minutes for deployment, making sure that we went second. After a little persuading our strategic assets were careful planning and flank march. My thinking was to reserve our army and flank in turn 1 with a devastating alpha strike. However as they deployed, our enemies revealed minefields (the black dice) which did some damage to our plans as my ally was rather afraid of moving his forces through them (facepalm).

Because of this new development, and also as I had lost a little faith in our original plan, I deployed a lot more stuff than I originally intended to.

6th edition date?

I'm not 100% sure what this means but gw have this posted on whats new today (the big VI is a big clue... surely?) :

http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/wnt/blog.jsp?pid=2700048 (original link

2 June 2012

Orky emplacement - done

I've finished painting it and the only thing I might change is the little squig-thing on the right which I'll probs paint over white and then try glazing it an interesting colour maybe purple or orange or something. To be honest the pictures don't really do it justice but its my phone camera so there's not much I can do to improve that.

GW goes digital (!!!)

(Sorry about sideways pics they're screenshots from my ipad and so I can't really turn them around when uploading from it).

First of all, when I first started blogging there were many complaints about how GW kept a very poorly updated website and barely offered anything online. Because there was no specialist information from the actual people who make the game on how to do hobby-related things online, was the reason why I discovered blogs in the first place. Personally, I think this is a big step in the right direction.

1 June 2012

More progress

I've finished off the emplacement so it's definitely off to spraying now. I added a few more bits of debris here and there, added rivets to the flagpole/banner, some more orky embellishments, tidied up the top and tried to sculpt a sort of barrel which didn't quite turn out so good.


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