31 August 2013

New GW army builder

Take a look at this screenshot... Unless I'm missing something that's what force requisition is going to be... 

24 August 2013

Venoms and IG advisors

Quick update to show what I've been working on. Two more venoms in the works and the advisors I was going to enter into a painting competition but don't think I have time now and cba to finish them to be honest. Played a game against guard with my marines, gave my assault termies a run before the new codex. Was actually a very fun game, narrowly lost it on turn 5 8-6 due to a storm talon being off the table and my termies failing 3 Charges in a row through terrain and then failing 4 invulns out of 5 against some plasma guns. 

Also got a tau vs daemons batrep to write up from ages ago and a kill team tournament report from last weekend. 

4 August 2013

Dark Eldar Painting update

Not very good photos but just to give a general idea. I think I've got the green how I want it for the most apart (although I was aiming for a more turquoise colour originally). Also my freehand is improving with the drawings on the venoms being a lot better than my first attempts on the razorwing.

3 August 2013

IDIC Giveaway!

Head over to http://idicbeer.blogspot.com/2013/08/500th-post-giveaway.html who's holding a giveaway worth $$$$ on his blog 
all information can be found by following the link. 

So? What are you waiting for!???


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