21 August 2011

Sanguard Wip

It's been quiet around here recently... I don't know about the others but I've been busy working on Paul's Sanguinary guard using Jawaballs' NMM style - although I didn't have all the colours so I had to experiment... I found quite a nice mixture in my experimenting which is a mix of vomit brown and khemri brown - it makes quite a nice colour similar to snakebite leather and if you vary the mix of the two you can change the shade/dark - brightness of the colour.

Btw this is my first time attempting nmm :)

So just a quick one but here's what I have so far - I only need to wash them with leviathan purple and then I can go onto the details - tell me what you think so far.

18 August 2011

VOTE Results: Which Blood Angels special character are you?

Thanks for voting guys, much better than what usually happens... I wonder why...

8 of you voted for Mephiston. I really like Mephiston my self because he's very good in close combat and can get to the enemy quickly using "the wings of Sanguinius" and fleet.

6 of you voted for Dante. I really like putting Dante with a squad of Sanguinary Guard as they will land wherever you want the without scattering away, and are good in close combat and can shoot down the enemy tanks.

6 of you voted for Tycho. I usually take him with a squad of pistol and combat sword scout. The make a good assault unit especially if they have a razorback to take them (Blood Angels rhinos and razorbacks can turbo-boost).

6 of you voted for Gabriel Seth. I've never actually used him but he looks good as he has a strength 8 chainsword, whirlwind of gore attack and ferocious instincts.

4 of you like Lemartes. I've never see and don't know if he's good or not.

3 of you liked Corbulo. I like him because he has a 2+ feel no pain, he gives feel no pain to all guys within 6" and gives 1 re-roll per game.

2 of you liked the Sanguinor. I've never played with him but he's nearly impossible to kill (2+, 3+ invuln). He's also immense in close combat but he costs 285 points and Ghazghull (225 points) can just go in and kill the sanginor during Ghazghull's Waaagh (2+ invuln, strength 10, 6 attacks when he charges but he strikes at initiative one but should still inflict 2 or more wounds to the Sanguinor while losing only 0-1 wounds).

2 of you liked Death Company Tycho. I think he's quite good in close combat so I usually move him next to my Death Company and they assault something together nearly always killing the squad they assault.

None of you liked Astorath the Griim. I haven't played with him but I really think he costs to many points because he isn't actually that good unless you want a Death Company only list. If you know you're going to play against Blood Angels with Blood Angels don't take him because he will make your enemy's troops succumb to the red thirst on a 1-3 instead of 1.

17 August 2011

Ultramarines vs Blood Angels 1500pts capture and control US

You can find my army list here. Mission was capture and control with dawn of war deployment. Plan was to move in with the scout move and set up in the ruins early and then possibly be able to capture the enemy objective/ in a worst case scenario contest while the tacs in rhino sat on the obj having popped smoke. Termies would deepstrike as per list plan, everything else would walk on turn 1, combat squad and dread left flank, vindicator, devastators and bikers right flank. So pretty much an even spread. Sternguard would come in depending on Paul's troop movement.

My list is here.

LA Battle bunker displays and gameboards

This will just be a series of pictures so enjoy... as always click for larger pics

16 August 2011

Ultramarine US list

I'll start my return by giving you my marines that I took with me. I was expecting a lot of people to be there so I took a mixed army keeping it as balanced as possible, the only worry I had was if I had enough anti-infantry to take on a horde army, as it happened the place was practically empty and I ended up facing Paul as usual. We actually met a friend there but he doesn't know all the rules completely yet and since he collects imperial fists we decided to join him to my "team" hehe. I actually find it more fun playing with someone on your side cos then you get to discuss *EVIL PLANS* and such...

Anyway onto the list:


Barebones librarian (force sword, bolt pistol, avenger and gate of infinity)  *I had never used the last one before and I decided to give it a go

Terminators with assault cannon
Sternguard - power fist, combi-melta (as found in the box lol)
Dreadnought: assault cannon, heavy flamer

Tactical squad with meltagun, missile launcher in rhino
Combat squad - plasma pistol and plasma gun
Scout squad with ml

Bikes : meltagun, plasma gun and power sword, joined by attack bike with multi-melta(actually this may have been a heavy bolter)

Devastators - lascannon, ml, hb, plasma cannon

So taking note that I couldn't take a lot of stuff due to transportation difficulty/bulkiness, I thought this was a decent list. Rhino tacies to move onto objective, scouts move to forward positions possibly capturing objs, combat squad is just a backup. The only thing that I didn't like was that I was taking devastators. In my opinion in a sm army they form too much of a threat and that you should spread out/at least have some heavy weapons throughout your army and not only in your heavy support devastator unit, especially if you only take one of them.

Termies land as necessary, bikes disrupt but are also a good utility unit, vindi pwns anything and everything, dreadnought is backup as necessary and sternguard go with libby gating around town and I wanted to try them not in a transport.

See you next time!

I'm back

Hi again, just a quick post to say that I'm back and I have a batrep for you from L.A. Battle Bunker :). It was a really awesome place but unfortunately I only had time for one battle. I also snapped a few photos of the tables and the stuff on display so stay tuned.

Other things that will be happening on this blog shortly will be a (probably) campaign because I picked up a planetary empires set, Ilya will probably follow up on his mysterious post (still need to talk to him about that one... ?) and Paul will (HOPEFULLY) do a vote result.

See you then and here is a teaser from the batrep.

Also I hope that I did not bore you guys to death with the scheduled posts, feedback on the mix of topics and degrees of interest would be appreciated so that I know what to save up for the next time that I am away (if there will be a next time...)

10 August 2011

1000pts IG vs SM Blobs take down power armour...

So time for the 2nd post since I am away and here is your scheduled batrep. Artemy as IG and me as ultras. Just to tell you a little about my gaming group. We have 3 players who permanently play including owning full armies (Paul, Ilya and myself) and we have some who are sometimes interested and others who got interested for a little time got a squad or two and got bored by the daunting task of painting and the time it takes to actually play a decent sized game.

Artemy falls into the second category. So in our matches I always make his army list for him give him advice (literally tell him) what to do in order to beat me (pretty much friendly games). So far he has won the one other game that has been recorded on this blog against, only last time it was the opposite way around - but he had more points due to some odd mistake...

Mission: Capture and Control (at least it wasn't annihalation, although I might have done better at that one...) Deployment: pitched battle.

9 August 2011

my army 1500

You will sea it later.

7 August 2011

River building

Can't really do a tutorial on this cause it's in the how to make wargames terrain book. So just another post to keep you interested. Did this quite some time ago. Basically it's a base of foamboard (yes I know I should use wood, can't be bothered tho), polysterene roughly cut into rectangles then cut to a roughly round shape and then filler is applied over it shaping it into a round bank. Simples. Next Batrep in 3 days.

The pretty much finished thing

got four more of these to do and a similar bridge piece to build - I know it's not v. imaginative but I can use these diagonally, across the length of the board or across the width. I can always make some "corner pieces" or bends later.

5 August 2011

1750pts BA vs mixed IG Annihilation Spearhead (close game)

Mission annihilation, deployment spearhead (table quarters ? meh)

Not quite sure if this list is right but here it is as far as I can remember:

Blood Angels:

Furosio Dreadnought
Sniper Scouts with ml
Scouts with bolt pistols and chainswords, razorback with hb
Sanguinary Guard with plasma pistol, infernus pistol and power fist
Stormraven Gunship with plasma cannon and typhoon missile launcher

As for me I was using a slight variation of my standard guard, without details here goes(may have missed smthg:

Primaris Psyker
Ministrorum priest with eviscerator
Big blob of guardsmen with 3 missile launchers, nade launcher and a flamer I think. Also attached to them was a commissar with power sword and plasma pistol
Platoon command squad, 2x melta, 1x plasma pistol, standard bearer, medic
Veteran squad with nade launcher flamer and plasma gun and grenadiers I think
Valkyrie with hellfire missiles, multilaser and possibly hbs
3 separate leman russ:
1x vanquisher with lascannon
1x Executioner with hb and plasma sponsons
1x Eradicator nova with hb
I knew he would be deep striking at me so I tried to castle up.
He advances and gets cover. Then opens fire on my blob as he know he needs to start whittling it down.

3 August 2011

500pts BA vs BA tactics match

Now that you're seeing this I am long gone so enjoy!

So this was a kind of eh sort of match. What actually happened was that we rolled for which armies we got and then since we both rolled for blood angels we took it in turns to pick units. I mostly picked what I had in terms of SM models so that we wouldn't get confused apart from Corbulo who I counted as a sanguinary priest. We only took 1 troop choice each for this

My list:

Librarian (blood lance and sanguine sword)
Priest with power sword and jump pack
Assault squad with power fist, combat shield, jump packs all round
5 tac marines with plasma gun and power sword

So my tactic was put libby and combi-melta to drive up and shoot out of the rhino while the assault squad with fnp dealing priest following up behind using the rhino to block LOS or if that wasn't possible get cover.

Paul's army:

Mephiston (he always takes him... :/)
Scout squad ML and snipers
Scout squad (combat blades? and pistols)
Attack bike with heavy bolter

So ehhh... I don't know why but I always feel bored looking at Paul's lists. They're so unimaginative. Always a brutal elite quick combat force always backed up by deadly cc special characters and then the cheapest stuff he can get to hold the backline objective/one closer to his deployment zone. This was more like a game for me to see what blood angels can do and for him to find and (hopefully) get inspired about other ways to use them.

so everything going according to plan as I get turn 1 and advance. 

1 August 2011

Painted Power swords... ?

I tried something rather interesting yesterday (although when you'll be seeing this it will have happened AGES ago). I saw a tutorial on BOLS and I watched it. It is painting the gw style grey knight blue power sword effect. Here it is for you to watch.

Now, I don't own an airbrush, but I really like the effect. So I tried painting the same thing using the same guidelines but with a brush. The thing is though, it didn't work. In real life it looks really strange in the pictures it doesn't look as bad but still pretty strange. Hmm... I guess anything's better than the silver their swords were painted before. I may have to get myself an airbrush now.... ;) (lol jks, but I may see and do some researching). Note, these guys aren't painted yet.

As always click for bigger pics, and actually looking at the pics again it doesn't look too bad on the lord commissar, but still :), an airbrush will be nice in terms of time saving although I have heard that there are a lot of problems that go with them.

If you want to try something like this with a paintbrush like me (I personally don't see why you would but just in case), just apply the same colours as in the tutorial above. Only difference was that I did in the opposite order. So first a mix of blue and black 1:1 (I used ultramarine blue and chaos black), then leaving the other colour showing pure ultramarine blue, then ice blue leaving some ultra showing and then two layers of watered down skull white leaving some ice blue showing.


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