28 October 2010

Rhino/razorback at the ready!

I've completely finished painting this thing, and found that in order not to lose all the interchangeable parts, you can put them inside the actual tank. Like in the pic. One problem is that my exit hatch got stuck during priming. THIS WILL NOT WORK THOUGH IF YOU HAVE put on the RHINO parts - not enough space. But here are the pics for you to enjoy, and if you missed the assembly here is the link.

750pts Imperial Guard vs 1000 Space Marines (28/10/10)

A new player Artemy played a match against my guard. I lent him some of my marines to play a larger match of 750 pts (better than 500). Load of pics towards the bottom and not so much writing this time. Sorry for his not the best painting and my as usual rubbish painting.

Self Edit: During and for some time after this game I thought the armies were even btw, later it turned out that he had 250pts more than me!!!!



Lord Commisar
Platoon Command squad
2x Guardsman squad
Sniper special weapons team
Veteran squad
Leman Russ Executioner

(Artemy) Space Marines:

Captain with power sword 
5 terminators 
Dreadnought with multi melt a and storm bolter 
Dreadnought with assault cannon and storm bolter 
5 scouts with heavy bolter 
1 combat squad with flamer 
Tactical squad with missile launcher and flamer

It was an annihalation mission with dawn of war deployment. Great ... not.

He won the roll of but gave me the first turn. WHY??? Ok so I castled up in my corner of the

field with buildings. He castled up in his (personally made) fortified hill, and some scout behind his (personally made again) barricade, much closer to my guys.

Turn 1

The rest of my guys that aren't on come onto the field - everything would castle up and hope to kill something. Scouts shoot across the field missing/failing. I also took Rob's advice in this match and took snipers, although my opinion on them hadn't changed at all from the moment before the match to the moment after - rubbish. Tank gets into a nice position.

His turn and his two dreadnoughts, whirlwind and combat squad come onto the field on my flank, taking cover in the craters. His missile launcher frags across the field at my snipers but fails.  Whirlwind kills a few guardsmen.

Turn 2

Lot of shooting, wipe out one or two marines in the combat squad and immobilize the whirlwind. Not much else...

Terminators don't arrive. His attack force advances even further, but everyone is out of range and the

whirlwind can't shoot. Missile launcher shoots across the field though and kills two or three veterans.

Turn 3

Veterans and command squad advance slightly. One's gonna charge a dread or the whirlwind, the other try to shoot a dread or the whirlwind. Take out the combat squad to a man (flamer dude) and kill a few scouts. Snipers sniping but missing/not wounding and not rolling any sixes(none throughout the whole game - omg).

Termies arrive very near the board edge on my flank in the midfield. Dreads and flamer dude advance. Missiel launcher shoots across the map kills a sniper henchman. Dreads kill a few command squad guardsmen and veterans. Scouts also died at some point.

Score was 2-0 to me here.

Turn 4

Executioner speeds across my deployment zone trying to outrun the termies. Veterans advance as do the remains of my command squad. 20 guardsman squad pours fire into the termies to no effect. Lone marine dies. Veterans fail and the remains of my command squad assault the multi-melta dread. Even combat. Snipers also failed shooting the termies this turn.

Movement, shooting. Vets die, termies close in on my tank. Dread too. I'm "lucky" and they "only" shake it but this means I can't escape next turn. Other Dread in combat kills a guardsman. Also the whirlwind shot my big squad of guardsmen in the building killing a few more.

Score 2-1 still to me.

Turn 5,6,7

I don't think I killed anyone this turn apart from exploding the dreadnought in cc and losing my last command squad member in the explosion. The termies and dread then exploded my leman russ and some guardsmen were killed. After two more turns of Artemy moving and a bit of shooting the score was 5-3 to the Space Marines.

Well done to Artemy!

26 October 2010

Magnetising a rhino/razorback without magnets AND only using 1 Kit!

Top tip this week from me is instead of getting rhinos and razorbacks is just getting the razorbacks but building them so they could be both! Right, for people with fully planned out meched up lists this isn't gonna work probably, but for people like me, who have a footslogging/drop podding space marine army this should be useful.

So here is how I did it with my own razorback/rhino. And note that the guns are interchangeable too and that I can still paint the inside and all the details even though it is completely finished.

FIrst up, you need to assemble the basic structure following the instructions until you need to put the roof on - I left it off because I was gonna paint the inside later but you could stop here for a quick lick of paint and glue it on. Whatever suits you. Then I assembled two interchangeable gun hatches, for me I made one with a storm bolter and one without (need to be able to take off that storm bolter if running over points!).

The big hatch/gun station I actually didn't glue at all, same with the guns. They are held perfectly well if you just put them on.

In the side pictures you can see all the various way you can make it.

To wrap up here's a pic of the various sub-assemblies.

And if you would like to see the finished product and more tips follow this link.


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