26 October 2010

Magnetising a rhino/razorback without magnets AND only using 1 Kit!

Top tip this week from me is instead of getting rhinos and razorbacks is just getting the razorbacks but building them so they could be both! Right, for people with fully planned out meched up lists this isn't gonna work probably, but for people like me, who have a footslogging/drop podding space marine army this should be useful.

So here is how I did it with my own razorback/rhino. And note that the guns are interchangeable too and that I can still paint the inside and all the details even though it is completely finished.

FIrst up, you need to assemble the basic structure following the instructions until you need to put the roof on - I left it off because I was gonna paint the inside later but you could stop here for a quick lick of paint and glue it on. Whatever suits you. Then I assembled two interchangeable gun hatches, for me I made one with a storm bolter and one without (need to be able to take off that storm bolter if running over points!).

The big hatch/gun station I actually didn't glue at all, same with the guns. They are held perfectly well if you just put them on.

In the side pictures you can see all the various way you can make it.

To wrap up here's a pic of the various sub-assemblies.

And if you would like to see the finished product and more tips follow this link.


  1. This is a great article and I am glad google directed me to it. I am just about to start building my Razors/Rhinos and this will be very useful, Many thanks

    Really great Blog, I have followed and added you to my Blog list


  2. thanks for the kind words, and glad that this article was useful

  3. Hehe, I did a similar thing with my first Rhino, with a Razorback on the way and a couple of Forgeworld Razorback weapons in the pipeline I should have a nice flexible transport Corps for my Blood Angels

  4. This was worth sharing. Magnetising can be intimidating and showing people that you can do it without all of the effort and rare-earth purchasing horror stories was a worth-while endeavour.


  5. I guess the only problem with this, while a good cheap and easy option, is that the top hatch will be likely to fall out and it could damage the paint work.

    With my magnetised razorbacks, you can turn them upside down and shake them gently and nothing comes off, but break the magnetic bond and you can change the options.

    Time for it was maybe an hour of working it out, drilling and gluing the magnets in and I know my paint work is safe as the turret will never fall off. cost was maybe $2 tops per vehicle (I have 18 magnets on my predator/options so there was obviously a bit more there).

    Another way I found to do it without magnets was to glue small t-pieces cut from spare sprues underneath the rotating parts so they are locked in place from below, but can still rotate freely.

  6. it is quite secure actually, the parts fit surprisingly tightly, although I dont think I'll be going around turning the thing upside down and SHAKING it!?!?

  7. ah wait sorry you meant the hatch, well it is a v. light piece and if you are THAT worried about the paintjob then you can always take it off, move the model and put it back on again! Or just do it your way...



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