20 October 2010

Brother Captain Tycho + skullhama update

As a favour to Paul, I took it on myself to paint Tycho for him. I think he turned out pretty good, especially considering I'm really bad at highlighting. By the way he is Death Company Tycho - thus the black. Also some progress with the Skullhama, I've almost finished painting the glyphs and I've done the barrels. All I've got left is the crew and the tracks, after that's done I'm back to painting Guard and Titan Building or finishing it off. I have now started painting my Kasrkin (to be counted as Veterans - probably).

Then my thoughts on the Titan. After initially wondering about chunking out the legs, I think I'll keep them as they are, my guns are almost ready - I'll give you a pic probably tomorrow, so all I have to worry about is sculpting one or two big Imperial eagles here and there and think about how to represent the engines (or not represent them at all...).

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