22 October 2010

Road to Glory Campaign (July) 2010: Battle 3 - Force Supremacy

Yes, yes we all know it's not July but now is better than nothing. So the orks and Ultramarines are back. Seize Ground Mission, pitched battle deployment.

 (Dimitry) Force Adamantium:

Captain Adamantium with power sword, boltgun and melta bombs
Dreadnought Quintus

Tactical Squad Nova with flamer and missile launcher (to be split into squads alpha and beta)
Combat Squad Kappa with plasma pistol and plasma gun
Scout Squad Optima with heavy bolter

Vanguard Veterans of the first company, relic blade, 2 power swords and 2 plasma pistols
Landspeeder typhoon with multi melta

Whirlwind with storm bolter

(Paul) Gobzmeat's boys:

Warboss Gobzmeat with big choppa and twin shoota
Ghazskull Thraka

Lootas with 2 deffguns, big shoota, rokit launcha, kustom mega blasta

Five Nobs with 2 big choppas and 2 powa klaws
10 Boys with rokit launcher
30 Boys with nob and rokkit launcher
10 Gretchin with runtherd

Wartrukk with red paint job

Deff Dread with Custom mega Blasta and rokkit launcher

My tactics:

Having learnt my lesson about whirlwinds last game, it was time to put the knowledge to use. That 30 strong boys squad would be an obvious target. Plan? Claim and hold 2 objectives and then fly in the land speeder to contest. Or possibly wipe out orks on 1 obj, hold 1 and contest 1. Sounds good.

Paul's plan:

Run in with everyone and use a huge mob as a distraction. Lootas to take out main threats. SIMPLES!

Turn 1

I let Paul have the first turn as I would need to do some last turn objective grabbin'. So the orks all advanced in their hordes. The gretchin shuffled slightly forwards onto the objective as did the other smaller ork squad. The wartrukk zoomed down the road (I'd forgotten about it's rules!!!!) and ended up deep in my deployment zone - right next to my whirlwind - ooops. The Deff Dread also advanced along the road.

The orks opened fire but were largely ineffectual.

Squad Beta began the hike to the enemy by moving away from Ghazskull's transport. The dreadnought moved in to support the scouts. The scouts, whirlwind and dreadnought all opened fire on the greenskin tide, killing about seven of the foul aliens. Squad Kappa's missile launcher shot the approaching deff dread, immobilising it with a solid shot. Squad Beta shot the ork transport, only managing to stun it. 

Turn 2

The nobs and Gazsskull got out of their transport. The Big boys squad kept moving and the rest stayed sat on their objectives or in the case of the lootas who sat on their buts and missed the dreadnought with their shots. The wartrukk moved round the building, ready for turbo next turn to pick up the orks at the ork objective on my left flank.

Shooting - the orks killed one or two scouts and a load of stuff missed my dreadnought. Ghazskull then charged the whirlwind and his squad blew it up - inflicting a wound on their squad in the process.

My turn saw a load of fire being poured into the ork nobs and one ork was killed. The combined shots of squads alpha and kappa destroyed the wartrukk. More orks from the big squad where killed due to the guns of the Ultramarine dreadnought Quintus and squad optimus. 

Squad beta with the captain assaulted killing one or two greenskin but losing the captain and a few marines in the process.

Turn 3

Gobzmeat split off from his warband towards squad kappa. The big squad (not so big anymore) advanced onto the scouts and then finished them off with a round of shooting. More shots missed Quintus. Ghazskull's squad was held up by the marines and I think one ork took a wound while more marines died. Gobzmeat charged squad kappa who I think had lost 2 members to shooting, and he killed one more in assault. The space marines amazingly managed to steal two wounds of the towering monster.
Reinforcements arrived out of the skies as the land Speeder dropped down near the ork held objective

on the left flank while the vanguard veterans arrived in between Ghazkull's squad (still in coombat) and squad alpha - heroic intervention indeed ... The dreadnought kept moving.

The missile launcher in squad alpha targetted the ork squad sitting on an objective but failed, the rest of the squad could not reach. In combat Gobzmeat killed a marine but the sergeant took the boss' last wound. Perfect! In the other combat Ghazkull and his nobz finished of the marines who managed to

kill another ork. The squad consolidated towards the vanguard veterans.

Turn 4
The ork boy squad in the midfield moved towards the dreadnought but soon found itself too far away for assault. The lootas and the orks on the objective shot down the land Speeder ruining part of my objective grabbing plan - but I still had hope if I could kill the mighty warboss of armageddon.

In combat Ghazkull's bully boys were killed but he, proving his might, wiped out the vanguard - urrgh... He then consolidated towards the objective

but not quite making it into assault with squad


My turn and my dreadnought quickly moved towards the gretchin held objective and then proceeded to kill a few (as well as contesting) while the lone sgt moved and ran as fast as possible to the ork held objectibe. He made it and the score was now 1-0 to the marines (2-1 to the orks before).

Squad alpha shot Ghazskull miraculously taking two of his four wounds.

Turn 5

The orks moved in towards my dreadnought fighting the gretchin while Paul's whole army shot at my sgt. He went to ground and made all of his saves. Then the orks charged him and killed him. But he went down fighting, killing a greenskin. Ghazskull killed three of the marines while they were unable to get past his armour save (2+). The dreadnought killed two of the orks who had charged his rear-end. They did nothing back.

My turn was combats. The dreadnought killed another two orks and was immobilised and here we

ended the game because it was obvious that the orks had won the day.

ORK VICTORY!!! 1-0 on objectives.

Objectives at the end of the game.

Obj 1: Claimed for the orks

Obj 2: Contested

Obj 3: Contested

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