6 October 2010

Result of Vote:What Kind Of Camera do you use to photograph your minis?

The poll has been closed for about a day and I thank you all who voted. The Results:

3 votes for Iphone Camera: This is an okay camera (3.4 or 5 - depending on whether you got 4 or 3GS I think). It is very useful as you can have it with you most of the time and also don't need to spend money getting a pro camera when you've got a decent(ish) one on your phone. Downside - images can be a bit fuzzy/unclear.

3 votes for Sony: These cameras are usually good, I use mine whenever I can (ie last battle report) not much else to add really - good quality camera.

1 vote for over 12 Mega-pixel camera: These are always good (I use a 12 MG Sony Lumix), we all know about those really cool cameras with like 24 MG, but they are quite expensive.

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