20 October 2010

Snipers: Good or Bad

Snipers, we all like the way the look. But in 5th edition 40K - they suck. Yes, yes all right for armies with bad bs you can at least hit something and you can wound models with high toughness, BUT, most models with high toughness also have a good armour save and most armies that have snipers usually hit (ie space marines). This means that usually, the only thing snipers can kill, are kroot. Yep that's right, 5 snipers kills five KROOT, or nothing.

So how could snipers be better? Well, possibly if they had a special rending rule or something... Maybe if they had some sort of AP value. Well what do you people think?

In this match these guys looked awesome the whole way throught
BUT, did not kill anything!!!!
Until this gets sorted out, we'll only be able to use snipers as cool showcase models.


  1. I've built my guard army using Snipers as the backbone. Can't say that they are terrible. But it really depends on who you are fighting, and what you are shooting at.

    When shooting at Marines or Chaos Marines (Nurgle especially) I really enjoy my sniper rifle veterans. I feel they are a waste shooting at the little things. Light up some Terminators, then you will see them shine. Hitting on a 3+, wounding on a 4+ and offering no armor save 16% of the time...for 5 pts...yes please.

    Don't forget your range advantage too. Just because they are "scouts" doesn't mean they have to be up front. Best defense against a Bolter is being 25" away.


  2. Thanks for the advice but the enemy don't get an armour save? I'llmgo reread the rules....

  3. Completely embarrassing post, misread of the rules soz- everyone listen to rob

  4. Ummm, pretty sure sniper rifles follow the same rules as other weapons using the BS to hit, Thus 3+ with the 4BS veterans. Or 4+ with the 3 BS marine scouts.

    If I somehow mis-read the rules and they do hit on a 2+...my army just got a heck of a lot better.



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