18 October 2010

1000 pts Blood Angels vs Imperial Guard (18/10/10)

 The first Battle Report commences (sorry about the unpaintedness) :

++ Transmission Begins ++

Forces of the Imperium:

-Lord Commisar Proteus
-Primaris Psyker (otherwise known as Mysterious P)

-1st Platoon:

  • Platoon command squad with standard, vox, medipack, power sword and power fist
  • Cadian Squad 1 (with flamer and vox, sergeant Burner)
  • Cadian Squad 2 (with grenade launcher and vox, sergeant Blast)
  • Cadian Squad 3 (with meltagun and vox, sergeant Busta)
  • Heavy Weapons Support team with missile launchers
-Veteran Squad with power sword, nade launcher and flamer

Fast Attack:
- Bane wolf (chem cannon and heavy bolter)

Heavy Support:
-Leman Russ Executioner (Executioner Cannon, plasma cannons and heavy bolter)

The Red Angels:

-Death Company Tycho 


-Furosio Dreadnought with two dreadnought close weapons, meltagun, storm bolter and smoke lauchers 

 -Scout squad (pistols and chainswords) 
-Scout squad, 4 snipers and a missile launcher 

 Fast attack: 
 -Land speeder, Heavy Bolter 

Heavy support 
 -Devastator squad, Lascannon, Plasma cannon, Missile launcher, Heavy Bolter 
-Whirlwind, Storm Bolter

-- Secret Intelligence, Planetary Location, Force Deployment --

Aerial Shot of Proceedings

Force Mision - Capture and Control
Deployment assessment - Pitched Battle



My army was pretty much gonna advance, maybe trying out the moving screen as shown on the first picture. Note my (sneaky???) deployment of the other squad in a wedge around the heavy weapons. I really tried to make use of the woods in the middle shielding my tanks from the devastators on the other side of the field in the bunker. Not quite sure what's going on with my tank deployment though, I need both tanks on the field from turn one but have nowhere else to place them, my executioner shall provide suppressive fire while my bane wolf will drive up with my attack force supporting it. Hopefully I have enough scoring units there to capture/contest the enemy objective.

Ready to rain death on the Emperor's enemies (or friends?)

Basically, I'm going to run in with everybody and assault the guardsmen. The whirlwind is going to wipe out the closely packed guardsmen, the scouts are going to shoot the infantry that are in the open and the devastators are going to wipe out the tanks and heavy weapons team.

The Battle:

Turn 1

The Guardsmen promptly failed to seize the initiative and the Blood Angles advanced. The scouts moved behind the cover of the central forest, the landspeeder zoomed past them, already half way to my objective, the dreadnought moved in to a supportive position behind the scouts. Meanwhile Mephiston attempted to cast Wings of Sanguinius and was successful. Tycho also advanced. Overview - the Blood Angels army moved in using the cover of the forest to maximum effect - probably afraid of my executioner, what happened to 'and they shall know no fear'?

The scouts ran deeper into the woods while the Whirlind launched its first missiles - they were Vengeance rounds taking a furious toll on the Lord Commisar's squad, killing six men and taking a wound from the mighty leader himself. The sniper scouts but did not manage to pick off anyone while the missile launcher killed one guardsman with an off target frag shot. 

Then Mephiston and Tycho both ran forwards, still staying behind the cover of the woods while the Dreadnought shot at the Lord Commissars squad and killed yet another guardsman. The devastators proceeded to wreck the executioner. The lanspeeder shot the platoon command squad but failed to cause any damage. The Lord Commissar's squad stalwartly passed their leadership test (I rolled a 1 and a 2). In the assault phase Mephiston moved an extra six into the wood (wings of sanguinius count as jump pack).

Not quite sure whats going on with the tanks...

"Command to Platoon Officer, what's your status? We're under bloody heavy fire so tell the heavy weapons to frakkin' do something!" yelled the Lord Commisar down the vox. The platoon command squad moved forwards to try and maintain order. The attack force moved forward the bane wolf close behind. The kasrkin veterans moved in to protect the Lord Commissar with cool efficiency, typical to their kind, not needing to be told what to do.

The shooting phase began with the Platoon's officer ordering the heavy weapons to "First Rank fire, Second rank fire!" The missiles soared into the dreadnought glancing once and penetrating twice but only managing to stop the behemoth from moving and shooting next turn (crap!). The Kasrikin Nade Launcher targetted the dreadnought too glancing (whippee!!!) but only stunning it (NOOOO!!!).  The platoon command squad's plasma gunner missed the land speeder as did sergeant Blast's grenade launcher wielding trooper. Mysterious P cast Nightshroud on his squad (4+ cover until the end of the enemy player's next turn). The heavy bolter on the Bane Wolf killed a scout.

Score Tracker (END of Turn 1) BA 1-1 IG

Turn 2

Mephiston cast wings of sanguinius on himself again and jumped to the front of the wood. Tycho also entered the wood,  the scouts also moved through the wood, the dreadnought couldn't move and the landspeeder zoomed even further forward.

The devastators shot the Bane Wolf but after a splendid show of lascannon missing, missile launcher not penetrating and plasma cannon not reaching - the Bane Wolf emerged unscathed. 

The scouts shot the Lord Commisar's squad killing a guy (urrghh... another leadership test). The big gun on the whirlind shot the heavy weapons squad, killing a team and two guardsmen (lucky! pheww...).

Tycho ran even deeper into the forest to join his chums (Mephiston and the scouts) while the landspeeder shot the command squad killing the vox man. Mephiston shot the Primaris Psyker's Squad and missed, nearly killing himself in the process with an overheat.

The guardsmen advanced yet again, the kasrkin catching up with the Lord Commissar's squad, the whole attack force ready to burn the woods. 

Meanwhile, the Bane Wolf zoomed forward into a ram on the whirlwind inflicting a strength ten hit but rolled a one for the result. In return (forgot about this), the whirlwind's might stopped my tank from shooting next turn. Oh well, at least he can't shoot... 

The plasma in the command squad shot the lanspeeder, wrecking it and ending the threat of contesting the objective. The Lord Commisar's squad shot the scouts but only the commander himself killed a scout.  Mysterious P's squad killed three scouts leaving one lone survivor. The heavy weapons did not manage to penetrate the dread's armour. The scout then used his "and they shall know no fear" and stayed put. 

The Lord Commissar's squad charged the scout in the wood, the scout hit first doing nothing. And amazingly enough, the squad did nothing back to him, WHAT A FAIL!

Score Tracker (END of Turn 2) BA 1-1 IG

Turn 3

Mephiston cast wings of sanguinius again and moved just behind the landspeeder. Tycho kept moving through the wood, obviously the terrain was having it's effect on him, while the furioso dreadnought moved towards the kasrikin. The whirlwind moved away from the banewolf.

The devastators shot the Primaris Psyker's squad, killing only one man (yay-just need to do my celebration dance there). The dreadnought shot at the kasrikin, killing three of the veterans. The Scout snipers shot Mysterious P's squad killing 2. Mephiston shot at the command squad killing the medic who suddenly feels pain. 

The dreadnought charged the kasrikin, but they passed their saves, unfortunately they could do nothing back in return. Tycho charged into the Lord Commissar squad vs scout combat. The Lord Commissar nicked a wound off Tycho, just before Tycho killed him outright with his dead man's hand. The scout slew another guardsman leaving the sergeant whose attacks did nothing. Mephiston took this as an opportunity to jump pack behind the rocks.

IN my turn the guardsmen under the comand of Mysterious P continued their hike towards the enemy objective, using the opportunity to sneak through between the two combats. 

The platoon command squad and sergeant Blast's squad moved to get a better view on Mephiston while the Bane Wolf moved into a better position to burn the sniper scouts next turn.

Mysterious P's squad ran on towards the Blood Angel's objective, just as the banewolf fired into the sniper scouts, killing two. Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, the command squad and Sergeant Blast's squad shot Mephiston, wounding him once. The heavy weapons also shot at him but to no effect.

The platoon cammand squad and the guardsman squad charged Mephiston only to find him casting unleash rage and Sanguine sword. He quickly killed three, while the guardsmen hitting back, even though they actually caused two wounds did not harm Mephiston. 

In the dreadnought vs kasrikin combat, the dreadnought killed one guy but the veterans held their ground. In the other combat the lone sergeant was slain and Tycho and the scout consolidated in various directions.

Score Tracker (END of Turn 3) BA 1-1 IG

Turn 4

Tycho and the Tycho moved in within 2" of Mysterious P's squad - meaning they will be locked in combat. The whirlwind pivoted and rammed into the bane wolf's back armour, but nothing happened apart from a slight scratch in the paintwork. The devastators shot at the bane wolf, shaking it after another horrendous display of aiming. The missile armed scout also shot it but did not penetrate.

In the assault, mephiston cast his psychic powers again and slew three guardsmen. The guardsmen struck back, with the power fist sgt causing another wound. The guardsmen held their ground.

The Dread close combat weapons did no damage this turn, meanwhile in the Tycho and scout vs Primaris Psyker and Guardsmen combat, Tycho promptly killed a guardsman. The scout followed up on this killing another. The IG forces did nothing back but moved closer into the bloody affair.

The Bane Wolf moved in to contest the BA objective, while the Heavy weapons got ready to fire. The bane wolf then poured fire into the scouts (it needed to kill three as it had exposed its back armour to the devastators), but I had forgotten that it was shaken!!! The heavy weapons shot the sniper scouts in a desperate attempt to destroy the last SM scoring unit. Unfortunately for me the frag missiles had no effect.

In the combat Mephiston killed the remaining guardsmen, consolidating towards his objective. The Dreadnought killed another veteran. In the Primaris Psyker vs scout and Tycho combat, Tycho killed a guardsman, the scout killed another, the psyker struck back but failed miserably but the normal guardsmen killed the scout. The combat would continue next turn.

Score Tracker (END of Turn 4) BA 0-1 IG

Turn 5 - this is it Lads

Mephiston shuffled across slightly to the right and the whirlwind pivoted. The shooting phase began with the devastators firing on all cylinders at the Bane Wolf, only stunning it, yet again. The whirlwind shot the heavy weapons but they were fine. Mephiston shot them too, but did not wound. The Missile launcher in the sniper squad targetted the Bane Wolf but also failed (my Bane Wolf was VERY lucky in this game unlike all those heavy weapons Paul had). 

Mephiston activated his combat powers and charged into the heavy weapons killing one of the teams. The remaining team struck back but the Lord of Death obviously passed his saves. Meanwhile the dread yet again did not do anything to the Kasrikin. In the Tycho vs Psyker combat, three guardsmen died. Meanwhile Mysterious P and his squad could do nothing back, so they ran away and were cut down by the blood Angels Captain. Tycho consolidated towards the Bane Wolf.

My turn saw combats. Mephiston lost a wound to the warp but then took out my last heavy weapons team. He then consolidated. The dreadnought then killed three of the Kasrikin, who then passed their leadership.

Staying strong... but missing a lot...
Score Tracker (End of Turn 5) BA 0-0 IG

I rolled a three and another turn began... dammit!

Turn 6

Paul rolled for wings of Sanguinius and flew towards the wood. Tycho moves towards the back of the Bane Wolf. The shooting phase saw the devastators immobilising the Bane Wolf. Tycho also shot the poor tank finally exploding it. It exploded five inches hitting three scouts... killing one (so close...).

At this point, I gave up...

Blood Angels 1 - 0 Imperial Guard

What went wrong...

Paul's dreadnought and my positioning. Now I do not have enough lascannons, etc... And my awful positioning, well, remember that I'm usually a SM player and this is my 2nd match with IG and also that as I usually play Ultramarines vs Blood Angels and Ultramarines vs Salamanders, Whirlwinds are usually pathetic and aren't a threat at all...

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