7 October 2010

Guardsman Squad 1 at the ready (or nearly)

So, I have finally almost fully finished painting my first normal squad of normal guardsmen. I haven't posted them up before but that is because I didn't do any special posing or conversions. As you can see all ten just need their eagles done and transfers (and also the occasional clean-up here and there). Ten??? Where's the tenth man. So here's a pic of them for you while I go and look for him. Oh and there are ten more - I haven't started doing highlights with those yet. I also have a painted Leman Russ Executioner - which I am quite proud of but unfortunately is in Russia- and a Hell Hound which I'm not so proud of.

Btw, I used some of the tips that other bloggers put up on ftw to make this a pretty good photo shoot.

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