2 October 2010

More Tau Tactics : Boxed Screening

Hi again,

From my last post, no doubt many of you were wondering about what to do if lets say some terminators dropped down behind you. Well, no doubt you would get owned. So that's why we introduce what I call boxed screening. All it requires is an extra unit of kroot. I think you can already see what I'm getting at. But here are the diagrams.

So, in this scenario the terminators menace the formation so the back squad of Kroot splits of and hold the terminators up (timing is crucial), while the other kroot are still free to screen the fire warriors. If you come under fire in an enemy turn while in formation, again you are safe. The fire warriors are protected and hopefully you followed my advice by using cheap kroot so you don't mind too much about them.

This is a all good and well, but there will be more objectives - I hear you say. Well, you go back to Warhammer Tau and get your mechanised firewarriors onto another one. Then for a more static defense line on your home objectives, you set up your firebase Old Shatter Hands style (Tau of War).

Oh and if you haven't already seen it, you should check out the kroot mercenary codex. I'm not sure where but it's somewhere on the web.

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