29 June 2011

Apology for inactivity

So sorry about not having much posted lately, but I have fallen ill and thus have been unable to do anything.

12 June 2011

Vote Please...

Just a quick one. In the flurry of activity that has recently been happening on this blog, I know you guys have been reading it (stat counter) but not many of you have voted. Not sure if you just haven't noticed but please do vote - I need the advice and to know.

Thanks - Nick, as usual thanks for commenting and I have taken pictures using a yellow template I just need to upload them, will probably do this evening.

Finished Space Hulk Termies

So they are all done and here is a series of pics to show them off. Since not many of you have voted and I did this before I saw some comments these are not going to be the final ones (although they may well be! Count them in Silar). I have made a yellow backdrop on suggestion - I just need my printer to start working!

All the good stuff after the jump.

11 June 2011

Space Hulk Termies More progress

I have been doing more work on them and will continue this evening probably. I have finished highlighting the red, added the white (which I may wash) highlighted the grey and added to the gems.

10 June 2011

TFP Competition Entry WIP: Space Hulk Termies

You will not believe this but I have a big surprise for you guys! But hey, I surprised myself with what I can do with a little time and some inspiration. More on how this came about below...

7 June 2011


Hi, since I cannot do much more with my sentinel until I figure something out, I would like to post about this.

Sentinel WIP Part 2

Not a lot of progress, but there has been some nevertheless...

Actually I like how this comes together... This reminds me - I need to do a post discussing the pros and cons of base coating on and off the sprue!

4 June 2011

Squad Planning - Demolition Specialists

Right, the moment you've all been waiting for ... (not)

I have begun my entry, and then straight away realised that I forgot my IG codex in Russia. So a bit of a facepalm there... If any of you could kindly confirm, Special squads (from a platoon) can take only one demo charge, and then 3 meltaguns, right? Because that's what I was planning.

Onto the stuff. I borrowed some of Paul's left over sprues (cos this will be my trial to see if I can make vets in a similar way - the specialist team should end up looking rather hardcore) and they had a surprising amount of useful bits. What I don't understand is why normal IG squads don't get any cool little extras in the box (apart from a sergeant head that is).

So here is photo of my planning... I actually tried to draw stuff before making it this time, thanks Ricalope! And here you can see my crappy drawings...

Now here are the bits that are useful. There are some little pockets (of ammo?) , sights, and some stuff that could be bashed together to make a nice demo charge. As I was doing this I realised that I could potentially convert a commisar Yarrick, with a dynamic pose an appropriate human arm and a little greenstuff.

So I failed at circling the useful bits so try to work it out if you're really interested (I'm using my good camera by the way, feel free to scold me if I refrain from using it in the future).

And that's all for now - although I am working on my sentinel I started ages ago...

2 June 2011

Shout-outs for Competitions

So, to keep you my dear followers entertained, I have conjured a little something up. And by the way, I shall be back in the hobby probably by tomorrow!

So two things meanwhile:

1. (Should have posted this ages ago...) Wolves for the Wolf God - there is a giveaway to a lucky follower of some renegade militia! So head over and follow the blog!

2. The Fallen Princes has had a very interesting competition put up! The basics of it are to paint (fundamentally a painting competition) up a "squad" and explain why it is a squad. Some interesting conversions seem like the best idea to me!

And tomorrow hopefully I shall be starting one of my "squads".


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