29 November 2010

Snipers Vote Results!

So according you guys I've been wrong this time, as the results show:

75% of you voted that snipers were decent, if you want to find more out about why, go to this post. Summing it up, they don't often hit esp for IG, unless in a vet squad, and are only good against stuff like marines.

50% for look cool. Yep, I'd say it's generally agreed that most snipers look pretty awesome.

Picture from dakkadakka.com
And 1 person was unsure so hopefully this has shown the pros and cons for snipers, till the next post!

28 November 2010

40K Matrix List and Terrain ideas

Hi again,

Having found Fritz's matrix chart online, I put it to use on my thought up force. You can see it below. In my opinion my list turned out pretty nicely. What do you guys think. And if you haven't already voted on the snipers poll please do.

I also got some terrain ideas from http://coloursandeagles.blogspot.com/, a pic of one of the containers scraped right from the blog is below.

23 November 2010

Space Marine List thoughts

I've been thinking about my Ultramarines lately, and as I haven't been doing too well with them, and having the 1500pts campaign game coming up, here is what I think my list should. The factors I considered were not having enough fire power to destroy the ork buggies on turn 1/2 and even 3, and units not surviving long enough - no distraction force lets say. The addition of my rhino/razorback should help me out here.


Captain, power sword boltgun

Terminators with 2 chainfist, sgt with power sword and an assault cannon
Dreadnought with assault cannon and flamer (drop pod?)
Sternguard ? with drop pod?

Tactical squad x2 one in rhino, one in drop pod (to vary some stuff depending on mission) with flamer + missile launcher nd plasma gun and lascannon?
Scouts with missile launcher (replacing heavy bolter this time - minor, but could be of use)

Landspeeder Typhoon (don't have another landspeeder and it's not magnetised so will go with it obv. if u were wondering)
Vanguard Veterans, (as comes in the set)
Assault squad? or bikes?

Land raider - must have - i have a redeemer
Predator? Nah, will go with whirlwind

Tactics: Landspeeder contest, scouts infiltrate/outflank/sit on obj.  tac 1 in rhino, gets long distance obj, or sits on another using chasis as cover. Land raider takes termies on a rampage, Vets create disruption in oppenents lines/allow me to react and get some hitting power where it is most needed, if I take an assault squad the role will be similar. Captain probably joins a squad that I think will see fighting (one of the soft squads i.e. scouts/tacies). And dread goes up to disrupt/supports my lines.

this is what I mean by bolstering my force in the right places.

So that's pretty much it... What do you guys think?

22 November 2010

Snipers vote

I'm sorry about not posting for a long time, but I just haven't had the time to do anything. Due to the controversy (or maybe just me), surrounding snipers. I have decided to put them to the poll. After being persuaded for a short time by Ranger Rob that they are in fact pretty good, I quickly found out again that in my opinion they are rubbish. What do you think? Please vote people (thanks to all who already have).

Picture from http//:dakadaka.com

12 November 2010

Necron Tomb Stalker


Recently, forgeworld came out with the new necron tomb stalker model. as a necron collector I decided to buy one, but thought twice after looking at the price. OK, compared to forgeworld's other models, it doesn't really compare, but im running low on cash recently. so before buying the model i decided to play a couple of practice games against my dark angels.

Awesome design. seriously. this is one of the most detailed models that forgeworld has come out with in a while. if i did buy this, i would spend hours painting it.
Fairly good stats. in fact, for its price, (195) its f!@£ing amazing. usually enough to take out one unit of ravenwing bikers. still, it pales in comparison to a titan, or an ork stompa.

While the stats are good, they're not great. as i said before a titan can take it out. i also found that a heavy weapons squad, or a dreadnought can beat it an average of three out of five times. if you got lucky, getting a couple of squads of average space marines led by a commander to gang up on one,  would get it down.
Weapons. gauss flayers. really? REALLY? the mighty tomb stalker that has been spoken of on blogs for aeons, is equipped with the same weaponry as an average necron warrior? what's up with that?
Ressurection. this to me is the killing blow. no we'll be back rule. this is another reason that i dislike the monolith, but at least that gets living metal. the tomb stalker? nothing. not even a regeneration special rule.

the tomb stalker is an awesome model, but that's as far as it goes. as a gamepiece, it's nothing special. if you're a collector, you'll be better with a monolith.


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