25 March 2013

Chariot of Tzentch built

Just finished building my first chariot. I've got a second waiting, hopefully ready to be used in an upcoming tournament this week. Looking forward to frying marines from my deployment zone (Str 5  AP 3  Torrent).

20 March 2013

1000 points Ultramarines list

In an attempt to get some content on here, up for your appraisal.

Librarian null zone, the avenger or avenger and gate

Dreadnought with Assault cannon and heavy flamer, drop pod
Dreadnought with Autocannon and heavy flamer, drop pod

Combat Squad, rhino
Scout squad, missile launcher

Thunderfire Cannon, drop pod
Predator, autocannon and lascannon sponsons
Predator, autocannon and lascannon sponsons

18 March 2013

1500 pt tournament list ideas

1500 pt Tournament is coming up at the end of the month and so after a lot of mulling over things I've more or less settled on a list. Originally I was going to play a variation of this Marine list where I only had 2 tactical squads, a land raider, stormtalon (by the way these are now alright given the price drop) and a vindicator instead of the predator and assorted troops, however I quickly realised that that would not work and came up with this.

4 March 2013

Thunder fire cannon assembled

No prep today so managed to add this little piece of artillery to my ultramarine armoury which will now finally allow them to be somewhat competitive.

Finecast upon initial glance had no problems but on closer inspection there were a few air bubbles, nothin major, the worst being on the techmarine's shoulderpad which I'll either tidy up later or leave as battle damage. Also a few bits needed warming up in hot water and bending into shape, namely the two halves of the cannon which did not actually fit together at first. Also one of the detail bits of the cannon was quite badly warped and too fragile to bend back into shape so the solution was leaving it off.

At the moment I have a guard and a space marine list made for an upcoming 1500 pt tournament. Would really like to bring out the ultrasmurfs as apart front he practice match against daemons I haven't played them since the middle of 5th. However that means that I'll have like 2 days to paint the cannon and a rhino since I don't want to get 0 just for having something unpainted which is why guard might be the better, but more boring option.

My tau would be great: unpainted as they are / part painted but I need my tetras and unfortunately forge world is not allowed unless you're fully painted for this one...

Also since when do gw use white boxes for direct orders rather than the proper ones with the pretty pictures on the front???

3 March 2013

New daemon codex

Gw have hit a new low... No wonder the daemon codex digital version takes up so much space - at the end of it there's a whole catalogue section with advertising for everything... It also advertises the psyker app throughout the book every single time psychic powers are mentioned...

In other news, screamers are still good, flamers are bad and everything is a psyker. ( all according to Paul) Fateweaver has also become pretty awesome with level 4 mastery and knowing 8 powers altogether (1 one from all the disciplines, except telekinesis, and knows all of the change discipline)

2 March 2013

eBay tau

Finished my mocks and this has arrived in perfect time. Stripping one tetra, but both have a small bit missing and bases but were cheap. The 3 battlesuits I managed to net for the price of 1 new one and are in great condition, even the undercoat isn't too thick.

Also been thinking about lists for an 1500, 1000 and even 2000 pt tournaments which are comi up when I go to Russia end of march beginning of April, might post them later.

That's all for now.

1 March 2013

Winning combinations in 6th - Part 1: stand and shoot

This is the first part of probably about three where in an attempt to get some content on the blog I am going to talk about what I've learnt.

With the introduction of fortifications, going all out shooting in your army can be pretty lethal, but why?

First of all you have the chance to take a defence line, making all of your units more durable. You have probably the most advantageous piece of terrain in your deployment zone - so why bother moving?

Then there's the fact that your opponent, unless they are an equally shoots army, has to move across the board to get to you, getting blasted to smithereens by your long range firepower along the way. If used to good effect, a "shooty" army may basically have 2-3 more turns of action than an assault one. Quite compelling evidence that shooting is king in 6th.


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