30 July 2014

1250 pts Iron Hands vs Astra Militarum

Quick break from tournament reports, and it was time to get in a match against Strohkopf who was testing his 1250 pt list for an upcoming tournament. Originally we were going to play 1850, so I planned to take a farsight bomb but since I didn't manage to fit everything into one case, instead I decided to take the opportunity to try an experimental list where I was combining several things that I had been looking at that would work in theory but needed some practice. It was also time to bust out my ebay bikes:

Iron hands:

Chapter master, bike, shield eternal, power fist, meltabombs (think I even had an Auspex which I didn't use)
5 legion of the damned, meltagun, multi-melta
Dreadnought, multi-melta, heavy flamer, drop pod
5 bikes, 2x grav gun, + multi-melta attack bike (silly and I forgot the models as well, they're being proxied by broadside legs)
Same again
5 scouts, land speeder storm with heavy flamer
5 assault marines, 2x flamer, drop pod (proxied by kroot and firewarriors as I forgot to bring them as well having tried to stuff an 1850 point tau list into my case at the same time...)

British WW2 desert camo IG:

HQ1: CCS, Vox, Kurov's Aquila, Master of the ordnance, Chimera ML + HB HQ2: Coteaz
HQ3: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, Liber, Rad, Psycthroke nades, 3x Servo Skulls
NF1: Commissar
NF2: Ministorum Priest
Troops1: Infantry Platoon
3x IS, 3x SniperRifles, 3x LasCannons, 2x MeltaBombs, Vox
Conscripts, 25 men
Troops2: Infantry Platoon
PCS, 4x Flamers, Taurox
3x IS, 3x AutoCannons, 3x GrenadeLaunchers, Vox, 2x meltaBombs
HS1: Wyvern
Fort: Aegis, Quad-gun

Mission we got was the emperor's will, with diagonal deployment (vanguard strike - see I've finally learn the names!). We both placed an objective in ruin close to the two table edges in what ended up being our deployment zones. AM got to pick sides and deploy first, making sure to spread out and give no space for any drop pods to land. Couple of servo skulls were planted around or near my dz. only the PCS with flamers in the taurox was in reserve. Coteaz is with the lascannon blob on my left, the inquisitor and priest are with the conscripts. Comissar is with the autocannon platoon on the right.

29 July 2014

Funeral March - Game 3

Coming into Game 3 I'm surprised to be matched against Paul with his new Orks and a list I gave him  some advice on (thought that burnas with killsaws would be a good inclusion).

Hq1: Badrukk
Hq2: Weird boy Ml 2
Elites1: Burna Boys 3 flamers, 2x killsaws
Troops1: Boys, rokki launcher
Troops2: Boys, rokkit launcher
Flash gitz
Dedicated transports:
Trukk extra armour rokkit
Trukk rokkit
Trukk big shoota

Mission we get is relic. We decide to count the bastion as a 2 floor ruin that can be accessed from all sides with a difficult terrain roll of 3+ (if in btb). I get to pick sides, but Paul deploys and goes first. Warlord trait gives me the special jet pack move... Night is on turn 1. 

My kroot are in outflank, crisis suits in deep strike, one squad of fire warriors in reserve. 

Turn 1 everything comes forward. Flash gits and morkanaut unload into my poorly positioned broadsides killing one and wounding the commander. Thankfully I pass morale.

Funeral March - Game 2

Game 2 was against a pretty mean necron list which had somehow managed to get wiped by a fairly straightforward spawn star crimson slaughter list:

Necron Lord on barge, with scythe, mind shackle scarabs and shenanigans
D-lord with scythe and stuff
2x 6 immortals
6 wraiths, couple of whip coils
Annihilation barge

Mission we got was big guns never tire I believe with 4 objectives. I got to deploy and go first. Can't remember my warlord trait. I decide to reserve my firewarriors and outflank my kroot, figuring I didn't need to give up first blood. Everything else started in cover (why??) and as far back as possible (not so much with the broadsides). Pathfinders scouted into the ruins. 

Opponent deployed pretty much as far forward as possible with his main scary stuff opposite my riptide in the corner. Turn 1 I focus on his annihilation barge knowing the damage it can do and do 2 hps and stun it. Riptide shot scatters off it but hits and kills a wraith instead. Suits jump back. Riptide turns on reactor for strength 9?

26 July 2014

Funeral March - Game 1

Some more batreps that I'll slowly be putting up over the course of the next few weeks. First up an 1000 pt tournament report with same restrictions as last time (no double units except troops and some dedicated transports). Took the following Tau list:

Commander, MSSS, PEN chip, shield gen, stims, velocity tracker, iridium
Riptide, stims, ion, fusion, EWO
3 crisis suits, 2 fusion blasters, target lock, 2x 2 missile pod
6 firewarriors
6 firewarriors
10 kroot
4 Pathfinders
3 broadsides, 3x EWO

Game 1 was against a tyranids army, against which I must admit I was quite eager to play my first match:

Hive tyrant, wings, upgrades
30(?) gaunts with adrenal glands(?), and/or toxin sacs
30 termagants also similarly upgraded
2x zoanthrope
Mawloc/trygon (idk I'm bad with nids sorry)

Mission was purge, I got to deploy first and did so in such a way so as to theoretically minimise the amount of cover he get/his ability to hide is tyrant in particular so that on turn 1 I'd be able to give him a good pummelling. 

20 July 2014

Friday Little Party - Game 3

Going into game 3, I've been hearing about some ork horde and a sm bike list that I could be versing. Unfortunately that's not actually what I come up against:

Astra militarum with imperial knight ally:

CCS, master of the ordnance, lascannon, camo
Veterans, camo, lascannon
Veterans, camo, lascannon
Imperial Knight (Errant?)

Mission is emperor's will. There's no night. Opponent's warlord gets relentless on warlord traits. I get stealth and move through cover ruins after which my opponent informs me that all these buildings bar one are not actually ruins.

19 July 2014

Friday Little Party - Game 2

So after game 1, I found myself paired up against another marine player:

(Imperial Fists)
Master of the forge with conversion Beamer and servitor pal
5 stern guard, melta, 3x combi-melta, plasma, drop pod with deathwind
5 tacticals with missile launcher
5 tacticals with missile launcher
Storm talon with sky hammer missiles
Thunderfire cannon

Big guns never tire 4 objectives. Placed in cover and centrally.

Won roll off to pick sides. Picked side with more terrain to give him less places to hide and make it harder for the pod to land somewhere safe. It would also minimise the strength of his conversion Beamer. I had first turn and planned to move into the centre and occupy the space hoping that the drop pod would miss it's mark. Snap shots killed the servitor and a couple of marines. Both squads passed leadership.

18 July 2014

Friday Little Party - Game 1

1st game of 7th ed, 750 pts, foc restricted to no doubles apart from troops and dedicated transports (with several exceptions eg waveserpents).

Took my old 6th ed surprise list:

Master of the Forge
5 scouts, heavy bolter
5 marines, meltagun, melta bombs 
Land raider redeemer, multi-melta, extra armour
Land raider

I rolled on strategic traits and got outflank on my warlord. Night was on turn 1 and I won the roll off to deploy first. Objective placement was kept in my deployment zone near terrain in the open in order to be able to claim with both land raiders or troops with ease.

14 July 2014

Back from the dead (well not quite)

Very little gaming this year unfortunately, been busy with exams and such. Did manage to attend chiswick gaming club properly again as can be seen below and also performed woefully in a doubles tournament with my bro where we just took whatever we had painted. Before 6th came to an end I also managed to make a start on building some artillery that I won from IDIC's laser cut card giveaway as well as some pain tokens/objective markers.

Was going to try to attend an 1650 pt tournament in London called clash of the titans towards the end of 6th but in the end did not have time to spend two days of study leave to play 40k. I even managed to start painting/quick shading my tau contingent but sadly that is now useless as a result of the change to the allies system... Classic...

Honestly I don't think the posting is going to become any less sporadic any time soon due to a combination of 7th edition coming out and me not having a viable army as well as more exams and uni applications coming in September. 

Hopefully dark eldar will come out at about Christmas and I'll be able to get back into this hobby properly again.


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