27 August 2010

1000pts Blood Angels vs Salamanders Annihalation Mission

Sorry about not going with what was promised but my friends turned up yesterday and said they didn't want to play Apocalypse that day and would rather play some smaller matches. However here is a battle report as a kind of compensation. Before this match I played a "friendly match" with my Guardsmen against Ilya's Salamanders in a capture and control mission and won.

In this battle, (Blood Angels vs Salamanders) Paul and Ilya decided to play an Annihalation mission on Ilya's custom made field, pictures and the action below. Oh and by the way, the battlefield was supposed to be a sort of Tau Spaceport captured by maybe some chaos (thus the wierd spikes).

Blood Angels Army:

  • Mephiston
  • Death Company Tycho
  • Terminator assault squad with two thunder hammers
  • Scout squad with snipers and missile launcher
  • Assault Squad with power weapon and melta bombs
  • Devastators with lascannon, missile launcher, heavy bolter and plasma cannon and melta bombs

Salamanders Army:

  • Captain with power sword and storm bolter
  • Dreadnought with assault cannon and storm bolter
  • Dreadnought with twin linked lascannon and heavy flamer
  • Terminators with heavy flamer
  • Tactical Squad with Missile Launcher, plasma gun and power claw
  • Scout Squad with sniper rifles and missile launcher
  • Assault Squad with power sword sergeant and plasma pistol

Paul won the roll off and decided to go first. He simply chose the closest big landing pad as his deployment zone. Ilya would deploy his forces on the one opposite. As a special rule they decided that there would be no deepstriking and no reserves. The deployment was pretty crowded though.

Turn 1

The mass of Blood Angels surged forward while Tycho and the assault squad began to flank attack. The Space Marines in red armour then opened fire while the scouts ran on towards the blockade formed by the two dreadnoughts. The terminators, seeing their brothers in danger moved in to support the scouts across the bridge. Three terminators were blasted apart in the ongoing chaos. The assault squad took this as an opportunity to jump pack even closer to the action.

The green-clad terminators roared in defiance and advanced on the incoming assault squad. Meanwhile the Salamanders' assault squad began moving to intercept Tycho. The Lascannon armed dreadnought killed the blood angel scouts till there was only the missile armed one left. The other dreadnought shot down two enemy terminators in revenge for his own comrades. 

The green scouts shot the incoming assault squad killing one man. The tactical squad poured their firepower into the terminators but their armour proved its worth. The green and silver armoured assault squad shot Tycho taking away one of his three wounds. 

The Salamader assault squad charged Tycho, managing to take a wound but losing one of their own in return. The dreadnought slew the remaining scout with ease and consolidated back to his former position. The terminators charged the blood angel assault squad killing two but losing a veteran member of the chapter in return.

Turn 2

The Blood Angel Terminators on the bridge advanced, led by Mephiston, Lord of Death, who had still to prove himself in this game. The devastators opened fire, covering the attack forces advance killing a marine and exploding a dreadnought. The terminators across the bridge with Mephiston charged the tactical squad killing five marines. The captain in the unit struck back failed miserably while the terminators killed three more marines. The marines, obviously reeling from this terrifying onslaught didn't cause any wounds. The thunder hammer equipped terminators killed the last marine and the captain while the dreadnought was not quick enough to realise what was happening and did not cause any harm. 
The Salamander snipers shot Mephiston but Paul rolled his saves successfully. In the BA assault squad vs Salamander terminator combat, the Blood Angels were killed outright and the lone terminator moved towards the Blood Angels fighting the dreadnought in his deployment zone. In the Salamander assault squad vs Tycho combat one jump pack equipped marine was slain but the Salamanders did nothing in revenge. The dreadnought was crew stunned and crew shaken four times by the terminators.

Turn 3
The devastators opened fire on the lone salamander terminator killing him with a well placed lascannon shot. Mephiston then killed a scout and followed his shot up with a charge. In combat killed one more. The Salamander Scouts did not do anything in return. The dreadnought's attacks were saved but the red clad terminators immobilised it. Tycho killed an assault marine but the assault marines did nothing back.

Tycho in the salamander turn did nothing to the assault squad and they did nothing back either. Mephiston killed the last three scouts and consolidated towards the dreadnought. The dreadnought was destroyed by the terminators.

Turn 4

The devastators moved in to support Tycho. The terminators and Mephiston moved that way too and also ran. The devastators charged to add their might into the only combat. The assault marines killed a devastator while they hit back killing one of the two remaining salamanders.

In the salamander turn the last marine was hit again and killed by Tycho.

Salamander WIPEOT

Blood Angels 7 : Salamanders 2
Blood Angels Victory

In conclusion, if you would like gore and action in your games from turn one make a pretty small modelled battlefield and play it out. This battle really represents how Space Marines never give up as the one assault marine was battling a small army.

    25 August 2010

    Titan Building Part 3

    Tilted up side
    I have now got it up and standing. I am planning the weapons and not sure which side to place the head. It is slightly unstable as the bottom leg joint is unglued and moves, but I will fix it in place once I add the head and possibly even after I attach the arms. Apart from that I need to add a bit more detail, maybe a few Imperial eagles out of green stuff or something.

    Back to the head problem. Putting it on one side will mean the body is slightly tilted up and look as though it has knees which are way too far forward. Putting the head on the other side will mean it and the arms are angled downwards, solving one problem, but it will look kinda stupid as the "knee things" will stick out the back.

    Tilted down side
    Side view

    24 August 2010

    Titan Building Part 2

    Close up of Head
    I have carried on, finished the second leg, made an icon mechanicus sort of sign where the At-at head should've been and attached the legs to the body. I have also started trying to make the guns. I am planning to use two small fan handles as the barrels, then for the vulcan mega-bolter attach the  rocket pods from a valkyrie and for the plasma blastgun I am planning to extend the power reservoir on an leman russ exterminator cannon. If you have any suggestions please comment. Meanwhile here are some pics of my progress so far.
    Front View

    Icon Mechanicus Side
    11 and a bit inches tall
    Weapon Gadgets

    Beginning to build a Warhound Titan.

    Me holding the head to the body
    So, two days ago I went shopping for materials (plastic card mostly) but instead got a different idea. Since I don't want to completely mess up my first large scratch build I bought a plastic at-at which in my opinion would make the rough shape or even the base of a titan, it's even pretty much the right height. The only thing I'm not yet sure about are the legs which I'll probably only use two of and bulk them out.

    Now I've made a lot of progress and made one leg, the body and head completely. Here's some photos to show how I'm getting along so far.
    Just the body by itself.

    18 August 2010

    Titan Building

    Since I have begun playing some Apocalypse matches, I have decided to try and make a Titan. I mean at least one if I am successful as 300 pounds is a bit over the top I think. I will start with a warhound and am already gathering supplies and plans. I really like LackOfbettername's warhound and have found the exact plans he used to build his amazing warhound. Also, the apocalypse match next week gives me the perfect excuse to make or at least start making one. Links and pictures below.


    Painting the Hammerheads

    This is it, not much progress for now but will keep going next week + look out for an apocalypse match next week too and maybe the rest of the July campaign.

    Kill team match 18/08/2010 - Space Marines vs Orks

    Sorry about not posting for a long time, but here comes something. Paul and I decided to play a game of Kill team. We played on a roughly 3' by 4' field with a reasonable amount of terrain, apologies that most is unpainted.

    Space Marine Kill team

    Elites: Dreadnought with assault cannon and storm bolter (115pts)

    Troops: Scout Squad of five with heavy bolter dude (85pts)

    Total: 200pts

    Ork Kill Team

    Troops: 10 Boys with rokkit launcher (70 pts)
                 10 gretchin with runtherd (40 pts)

    Fast Attack: Wartrakk Squad of 2 both with red paint jobs and grot riggers (90 pts)

    Space Marine Deployment
    My plan with this army was to use the heavy bolter dude to pretty much kill anyone and everyone in order of priority and my dreadnought would hold up orks while the other scouts shot 'em down. Having found out Paul had an ork equipped with a rokkit launcher, I realised that he would be my first target. With this we began the game.


    I deployed my men pretty close together but mainly in position. The heavy bolter marine was in position to shoot anyone moving through the open. Everyone else was ready to get into cover.

    Ork Deployment
    Paul deployed randomly in my opinion and due to his stupidly infantry heavy army.

    Turn 1

    I took the first turn moving everyone apart from heavy bolter dude forward towards the enemy. The heavy bolter shot killing the rokkit launcher weilding ork and the dreadnought destroyed a wartrakk. The rest got ready to make firing solutions next turn.

    End of Turn 1 (sorry 'bout the blurriness)
    The boys all moved forward as far as pos. The remaining wartrakk sped towards the scout claimed building and the runtherd and some gretchin moved scared back into a crater deep in the ork deployment zone.

    The wartrukk shot the unfortunate heavy bolter man who was a key figure in my plan. NOOO!!! But I rolled a successful save. Some orks shot various scouts, often being unable to reach or not having line of sight and did not cause any damage at all. Two orks ran down the left flank finishing the ork turn.

    Turn 2

    End of Turn 2
    The dreadnought moved on towards the orks on the left flank, eager to close with them in close combat. The heavy bolter did not penetrate the wartrakk. The dreadnought killed an ork. The scouts' shooting didn't cause any harm.

    The gretchin on the left flank moved towards the dreadnought as did the nearby orks. The rest moved generally towards my scouts' positions. The wartrakk shot the heavy bolter scout but his armour proved its worth. The orks shooting was generally ineffective again, not inflicting any wounds. The close-by orks charged the dreadnought. The dreadnought killed an ork and a gretchin while the greenskins failed to do anything.

    Turn 3

    End of Turn 3
    The scout sergeant got his butt out of the building and got ready to kill some greenskins. Everyone stayed still apart from that and fired, except the dreadnought locked in combat. The scouts failed miserably, while the dreadnought killed the two greenskins hindering it, but stupidly consolidated into difficult (and for it also dangerous terrain) and immobilised itself.

    The orks moved in from the side streets to support the wartrakk stuck in my carefully laid crossfire while a shoota moved up the ork controlled manufactorum building. The wartrakk shot the heavy bolter guy but was saved, some orks ran and some shot but only killed one scout. In assault, the dreadnought and ork did not do anything to each other.

    Turn 4

    End of Turn 
    Noone moved but all the scouts shot, killing two orks (JUST 3 MORE TO GO UNTIL LEADERSHIP TEST TIME!). The dreadnought killed the puny thing trying to bash with a knife and with one swing of its close combat arm brought it down.

    Two of the orks, getting close now moved even closer and the orks cowering in the crater decided it was time to move out. The wartrakk targetted the heavy bolter guy but again the armour was reliable. Some orks shot but generally failing again. The one ork close to the sergeant charged, making a successful difficult terrain test killing the scout and consolidating towards the next scout.

    Turn 5

    End of Turn 5-ish
    Nobody moved again (for various reasons). The scouts altogether killed one ork and so did the dreadnought. Forcing the orks to take a leadership test at the beggining of their turn.

    The orks luckily passed and renewed the advance. The wartrakk revved its engines up again moving towards the heavy bolter dude while the one ork in the vicinity attacked the other scout in the area. Meanwhile the gretchin took cover from the murderous assault cannon of the dreadnought. The wartrakk finally killed the heavy bolter scout. The ork and scout murdered each other and that was it.

    Turn 6

    Turn 6 ish
    I passed my leadership test and got ready to fire. This was gonna be close. The scout didn't penetrate the wartrakk. The dreadnought shot the last ork killing him and reducing the ork army's leadership to five.

    The orks just passing their leadership test with a four. The wartrakk moved on, probably hoping to get a clear shot on the dreadnought's back armour but instead shot the last scout, killing him.

    Turn 7

    Having no models with leadership left on the field, I lost.
    Da gretchin hiding in the corner

    !!!Ork Victory!!!


    After a relatively entertaining match (at least for me), I don't think I made any big mistakes but was in some cases unlucky. What this game shows overall is how a few normal space marines can definately hold their own against a mass of Orks.


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