22 November 2010

Snipers vote

I'm sorry about not posting for a long time, but I just haven't had the time to do anything. Due to the controversy (or maybe just me), surrounding snipers. I have decided to put them to the poll. After being persuaded for a short time by Ranger Rob that they are in fact pretty good, I quickly found out again that in my opinion they are rubbish. What do you think? Please vote people (thanks to all who already have).

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  1. I voted "decent". I think they make a good combo with psykers. Use weaken resolve against a scary expensive unit and then shoot them with the snipers and hope you score a wound. Almost insta-pinning. Now scoring that wound with only 3 BS3 snipers could be hard so I would rather use ratling for this job. Otherwise, a good unit to wound C'Tans, wraithlords etc.

  2. I voted decent as well... But there are a couple of factors.

    I don't think I would ever take marine snipers or scouts for that matter. Tacticals are just so much a better choice.

    Where as In Imperial Guard veteran squad - They are a viable cheap special weapon that has multiple uses. (Anti heavy trooper / or light vehicle when in a squad with a Lascannon). Sure it is not going to have the same damage curve as a Melta or Plasma gun. But yah know what...I'm 36" away and will get 3 rounds of fire before I die, opposed to the melta gunners 1.

    The other thing to consider is your opponent. Snipers are useless against horde armies (Orks), or low toughness targets (Eldar without Wraithlords). But you can bet You will jump for joy when you snipe those two Plague Marnies off the objective on the last turn.

  3. thanks for the tips and the votes guys. @Antipope, I agree, i too find hitting things a problem esp with special weapons squad which I kitted out with snipes

    @Ranger Rob, thx again for your useful comments, but they aren't that cheap, but i do agree that they are pretty much wasted on marines - thing is about army ur versing - i played vs marines, but they made no impact to the game really, and also in that BA vs Salamander match: noone died from them



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