23 November 2010

Space Marine List thoughts

I've been thinking about my Ultramarines lately, and as I haven't been doing too well with them, and having the 1500pts campaign game coming up, here is what I think my list should. The factors I considered were not having enough fire power to destroy the ork buggies on turn 1/2 and even 3, and units not surviving long enough - no distraction force lets say. The addition of my rhino/razorback should help me out here.


Captain, power sword boltgun

Terminators with 2 chainfist, sgt with power sword and an assault cannon
Dreadnought with assault cannon and flamer (drop pod?)
Sternguard ? with drop pod?

Tactical squad x2 one in rhino, one in drop pod (to vary some stuff depending on mission) with flamer + missile launcher nd plasma gun and lascannon?
Scouts with missile launcher (replacing heavy bolter this time - minor, but could be of use)

Landspeeder Typhoon (don't have another landspeeder and it's not magnetised so will go with it obv. if u were wondering)
Vanguard Veterans, (as comes in the set)
Assault squad? or bikes?

Land raider - must have - i have a redeemer
Predator? Nah, will go with whirlwind

Tactics: Landspeeder contest, scouts infiltrate/outflank/sit on obj.  tac 1 in rhino, gets long distance obj, or sits on another using chasis as cover. Land raider takes termies on a rampage, Vets create disruption in oppenents lines/allow me to react and get some hitting power where it is most needed, if I take an assault squad the role will be similar. Captain probably joins a squad that I think will see fighting (one of the soft squads i.e. scouts/tacies). And dread goes up to disrupt/supports my lines.

this is what I mean by bolstering my force in the right places.

So that's pretty much it... What do you guys think?

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