12 November 2010

Necron Tomb Stalker


Recently, forgeworld came out with the new necron tomb stalker model. as a necron collector I decided to buy one, but thought twice after looking at the price. OK, compared to forgeworld's other models, it doesn't really compare, but im running low on cash recently. so before buying the model i decided to play a couple of practice games against my dark angels.

Awesome design. seriously. this is one of the most detailed models that forgeworld has come out with in a while. if i did buy this, i would spend hours painting it.
Fairly good stats. in fact, for its price, (195) its f!@£ing amazing. usually enough to take out one unit of ravenwing bikers. still, it pales in comparison to a titan, or an ork stompa.

While the stats are good, they're not great. as i said before a titan can take it out. i also found that a heavy weapons squad, or a dreadnought can beat it an average of three out of five times. if you got lucky, getting a couple of squads of average space marines led by a commander to gang up on one,  would get it down.
Weapons. gauss flayers. really? REALLY? the mighty tomb stalker that has been spoken of on blogs for aeons, is equipped with the same weaponry as an average necron warrior? what's up with that?
Ressurection. this to me is the killing blow. no we'll be back rule. this is another reason that i dislike the monolith, but at least that gets living metal. the tomb stalker? nothing. not even a regeneration special rule.

the tomb stalker is an awesome model, but that's as far as it goes. as a gamepiece, it's nothing special. if you're a collector, you'll be better with a monolith.

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