28 October 2011

Blood Angels 1750 Points List

This a 1750 pts list that I am using atm.

Dante 225pts
Mephiston 250pts

Furioso Dreadnought 175pts (magna-grapple and drop pod)Terminators 210pts (1 chainfist and heavy flamer)
Terminators 210pts (heavy flamer and 1 chainfist)

Sanguinary Guard 285pts (infernus pistol, plasma pistol, power fist, death masks and chapter banner)
Scouts 85pts (Missile launcher)

Dedicated Transports
Land Raider 250pts

Heavy Support
Vindicator 170pts (Siege shield and extra armour)
Whirlwind 100pts (hunter-killer missile)

My general tactic is to rush in and chop everything up. The dread drops into the enemy deployment to destroy their strongest vehicles and to distract their army. The sanguinary guard role varies from landing in the enemy deployment zone to kill off some enemies to landing somewhere else to capture an objective. The land raider clears out the tanks and heavy infantry along with the vindicator. The whirlwind shoots down the hordes and the scouts sit on an objective. The termies Land to kill off the enemy troops and tanks when there are no more troops choices left.

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